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  • MrMoto ·
    Jerry, Sent you an email. Just covering my contact options. Left my phone at home today so if you can message me your address through here or email that would be great!
    NE-RON ·
    I spoke to you a few years back. I am in Papillion. Just bought a Acura TL. I am trying to copy your build for the dash. I can't seem to find you build thread. Do you have one?

    rarefaction ·
    Hey there,

    Are you able to send me the Service Manuals for the McIntosh MC440 Amplifier as discussed in the thread. That would be so awesome.

    It is an incredible amp but appears a bit weak at the construction stage. Some joints lack a lot of solder and i did find a few that were held there just by the leg of the component sans solder.

    [email protected]
    Hoedo ·
    Hi. I saw you are an AF dealer. I'm wondering what I could purchase a pair of GB25's for. I might consider the GB10 and GB60 in the future. Would you mind passing on the details of getting these drivers from you?

    Thanks, Ben
    TheSki ·
    Hey I just made an account on here so i could try and find some used equipment. I really want to get that Helix DSP Pro off of you. I have a PayPal account and am willing to buy it now.
    iroller ·
    Hi Jerry, What do you think about the erico 3 way set up compared to the 110's and 650's are they that much better what do you think ? thanks for help
    dawaro ·
    Are you an Audiofrog dealer? I am looking for a set of GB25 and GB10' s but I am not willing t oil give my first born like Crutchfield is asking.
    teekitako ·
    I saw in a previous thread that you were about to be sinfoni dealer. I am interested in the
    Sinfoni Maestoso T25T and the midbass.
    Do you have prices for these items

    J.novak ·
    Hey Jerry,

    How's things going? Its been too long since we've talked. I was looking for a scan speak 2004 tweeter to use as a mock up during my pillar modification. I'd prefer something that is damaged and doesn't work. Let me know if you have one or know if something is available.
    vabch22 ·

    I have been out of the game for awhile and am looking to replace my amps as a starting point. I have been hearing good things about the Arc xdi series. I was thinking the PPI P900.4, but I think the Arc 600.4 would be a better long term investment. They will be powering some ID CSX6.4's. Thanks
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