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  • shrub0 ·
    I really enjoyed reading your 8" midbass comparison and I'm writing you looking for a bit of advice. I'm looking to put a subwoofer under the seat of my minivan. I have room for a .4cu ft box there and I could also use a single 8 or 10" with a mounting depth of less than 3.5". My primary design goal is low harmonic distortion. So far i'm looking at the Aura NSF8-495-4A, Dayton audio low profile subs or using 2 peerless 830946 6.5".

    Thanks for any help.
    acidbass303 ·
    hello there

    if i may, i have a few questions to ask,
    i have a PXE H650 and just bought the Focal 165 Krx2 2 way kit (upgraded from Focal 165 vr), i will be using them passive until they break in and then i plan to go active with them,

    the thing is that the pxe sets the crossover points and slopes automatically, i know you can change them later on using pc or custom tuning, but what i wanted to know is , the filters and slopes set by PXE, are they good and most suitable to my install or should they be determined and set manually?

    which brings me to my second question,

    here are the specs for my krx2

    the woofer:
    Fs 76,46 Hz
    Vas 7,45 liters


    Fs 2149Hz

    how can i determine the best crossover point for my speakers? does that Fs x 2 rule hold good? (since the pxe can only use 12db/oct slopes only on the highs)

    please help me with it, i would be highly thankful to you sir
    evepainkiller ·
    Hi bro! I'm looking for a 10 inch subwoofer to be used in a small sealed box to play heavy metal... So I need a very fast and punchy subwoofer... I use to listen to some jazz and electronic music aswell... I'm between the Dayton RSS265HF-4 and the Peerless 830842... Wich one do you think that will fill my requests better?! If you has it, do you ship to Brazil? How much is the speaker + freight?
    cueball981 ·
    Hello! Looking at possibly replacing my ID10v.3. I am replacing my 5 channel Alpine MRV-F353 (only 150w to the sub) with 2 Phoenix Gold MS275 amps. Question, would 225 watts be enough to supply 2 of the DIY subs and obtain decent output? I know most people are running 500 - 600w to these drivers, but I am a firm believer that you don't have to have a ton of watts to get good output and still retain SQ. My MRV-F353 has done a tremendous job for the past 4 years, but I am now "upgrading", so to speak, to 5 separate amps for 5 separate drivers. I want the best possible stereo separation and this should help. Ok, enough said. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question! Subs look great!!!
    bluemonstercali ·
    hey np sorry to bother you but am i wrong in assuming you are the creator of the diyma sub? if so does it come in a 10" and if so where could i get one? also specs for it. i tried googling it but came up short. i wanted to put in a box for a truck but there is only .65 airspace in it.
    kiranjoseph ·
    Hey npdang, I noticed that you are an Alpine PXE-H650 user from one of your posts. I would really appreciate ur advice in setting this thing up... Im using the speaker line out from my stock HU to connect to the PXE-H650. my front speakers RCA line out from the PXE is connected to F2, rear speakere to rear, and sub to sub. Im using passive crossovers for the front and rear speakers, so I click on 'N' when the PXE setup asks me if im using 2 way.

    The problem i'm facing is that there is NO sound from the subwoofer after the entire set up is done and the mids sound very hollow. Ive got my amp gain at 1/4 for the sub during set up. Can you please tell me if there are any tricks to getting this to work right since I see mixed reviews for this product, so i'm trying to get the best out of it before I give up!! Any help what so ever will be much appreciated.

    T-BEAR ·
    hello Npdang,

    how are you ?i am from taiwan.since you are fmailiar with ribbon tweeters and i need to ask are you familiar with fountek brand?what you think abt it?
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