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  • Astrokat ·
    Know anything about the Precision Power PC1000.1? I could get two in like new condition for $250. Good deal? NVRM, shortly after i posted this someone bought them. My god.
    Astrokat ·
    Does PPI Have "high end" line these days? That phantom I ordered got "lost" so now they're holding my money until tues until they open. They're thinking i'll want a substitute LOL NAH, gimmie my $$$ back!
    Astrokat ·
    Hey man! I found a new P1000.1 phantom for $170 after researching the NVX1200.1. seems the hertz, polk, ppi, ss, all share the same phillips chip.

    My question is, the Soundstream-TN1-1200D is $30 less. Why is this? Less quality internals compared to the PPI?
    Astrokat ·
    Hello! Do you know anything about the new PPI teraxx amps? I can't find ANYTHING. They're cheap, do they not do rated? Also, I love my ion 650. Would the ion 1000 perform as well as in, do rated? -Thanks!
    ViciousFungus ·
    Hello. I am looking for a ProMos 50 ppi amp. I would prefer the white art series but would take the black. Do you happen to have one for sale or know of any on the market in good working order?

    Thank you!

    selftc ·
    hello fellow Kentuckian. i am from Owensboro. since you are a resident expert with PPI gear, i would like to ask you a quick question if you don't mind. i am in the process of a rebuild for my truck and i'm in need of another amplifier. i am very limited on space and the phantom P600.2 looks like a perfect fit physically and offers the power that i am after. my question. since the P600.2 has such a small foot print, i am concerned about its actual output. its rated at 190 x 2 at 4 ohm @ 14v. how accurate is that rating ?

    thx, todd
    warylow ·
    Hey man don't mean to bug you but I have an old PPI A600.2 Black Art series that I didn't realize was apparently a rare amp and I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me figure out what a good price to sell it is? I can only seem to find one other person selling one and it's a package with another amp so I'm still not sure. Thanks!
    tx4wl ·
    Hi PPI_Guy :)
    I am trying to find speaker wiring info on an PPI A404.What I want to do is try the "mixed mono" feature.I have read all the manuals i could find and while it/they talk about it I havnt found a diagram for using the 2/4 way button,bridging, ect... Basically I have forgotton after 15+ years of being out of car audio how these "art" series can be

    edit: found this somewhat helpfull..,%20A404,%20AX400%20Amplifiers.pdf
    wlbolton ·
    PPI Guy

    I have the Precision Power P900.4 and I am having a problem setting the gains utilizing a Digital Multimeter. I have the amplifier running a set of Image Dymanics CTX-6.5C w/electronic crossover.

    Need your assistance with determing the volts (approximate gain setting) based on running the amplifier in the bridged mode at 450w X 2 @4 ohms. The below information provided at it relates to the speakers specs.

    •6-1/2" CTX Series 2-Way Car Component Speaker System
    •Power Handling: ◦Peak: 400 watts per set / 200 watts each side
    ◦RMS: 200 watts per set / 100 watts each side
    ◦Recommended Power Range: 25-200 watts per side

    •Sensitivity: 89 dB
    •Frequency Response: 55-25,000 Hz

    Also, if utilizing the included passive crossover, should the Front Crossover Selector switch be High Pass, Low Pass, or Band Passover.
    i am looking to get rid of 2 a100's dcx 1000 rcm1000 par225 epx 223 all white all mint used for 3 months in comp car then put into storage for 16 years let me know if intrested
    Kmanian ·

    I am very intrested in the OS amps. I personally am a OS MTX collector. In particular the BTA and MTA amps. I have 3 bta 2100's 1 mta 250 and 1 mta 225. I don't really need them, and my wife would kick my ass if she knew I wanted to get some more CA stuff. Not that your price is bad by any means, but could you cut me some slack shipped to 37082?


    Would you be intrested in a eclipse hu, PDX 100.4 or possibly a UL12?
    PPI_GUY ·
    I am interested in any old BLACK Pro Mos PPI amps that you might be willing to part with. I might also be interested in a black 2200 or 2300 Mosfet series as well. Send me an email to [email protected] letting me know what you have and include a few pics if possible. Thanks!
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