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  • Treakatmw ·
    Still have that jbl amp? Ill buy it if you do, you can reach me at nine one eight seven nine one eight four three eight or treakatmw83 at gmail dot com
    RG_Nik ·
    Processors » UBUY Industrial Inc
    Saw this when searching through to see if there was any new interest in some of our designs.
    To answer your question: (Off record please), no one has taken delivery on that product. Its cost was higher than what the company we designed it for was willing to pay, so it sits on a shelf waiting for some to make a PO for it. I don't have any more here at the office which are in working condition to sell you individually either, bummer. Sorry. We have a new bass module coming out soon for another customer, and that's all I will say about that.
    mikelycka ·
    i will send some pics tomorrow or the next day i will put my name mikel lycka and the date. note great with computer but i will load it all on my photobucket and take any pics you like
    i have 7 pages of buy/sellsim more than fair
    do you know anyone that need apg roadster 66 i have 2 one new and one store display no case
    pjc ·
    Can u get a pic of the tinsel lead and the crack. Will let u know by end of day but I am sure I gonna get one. Wanna try ID
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