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  • hdrugs ·
    hey, hows it going

    i read one of your post on tru tech amps on the boards and im wondering if you could point me with your own opinion because in terms of amp choices it seems you have been down a direction which i might go down in the near future

    im currently running a
    jl 900/5 for midbasses and sub
    zapco c2k for mid range and tweeter

    im wondering if you have an opionion on the jl hd compared to the tru tech billet, if you prefer one over the other sound wise
    gref21 ·
    My name is Matt and I was looking at your awesome ridgeline build and was wondering if you could tell me the dimensions of your sub box. It looks exactly like something I want to put in the back of my truck.

    Thank you in advance,
    rockinridgeline ·
    I had to drop off at at the UPS store because our computers were down due to storms. You are right, that doesn't look like a typical UPS tracking #. I won't ever ship anything USPS. I am still waiting on settlement almost 2 months after they blew up a 13TW5 sub that was shipped to me.
    ErinH ·
    okay. that didn't look like a ups so I figured it was usps. Just making sure so I'd be home if it is USPS because they ALWAYS leave me a note saying 'just missed you' (BS.. I've been in the front yard once when they've done that and chased them down).

    So, I just wanted to make sure I was around, lol.

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