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  • CzarR ·
    Hello Skizer, I am in Denver CO. I recently bought a 2018 GOlf R which already has Fender premium sound which I was not satisfied with. I went ahead and bought a Helix V Eight. Connected the pre-amp outputs from the radio to Helix. Upgraded my front speakers to Focal Utopia tbe tweeters and Hertz MLK 1650.3 for the mids. Problem now is tuning those. Below is the thread that I started asking questions and one of the members recommended you.
    I have an installer helping me with all the installation and tuning but with issues. I set up all the frequencies and cross over points. Page 2 in the post below shows where I am at right now. I need help to fine tune the curve and smoothen out all the hikes using pink noise. I am a novice and still learning. Can you please help me remotely with this effort. We can get on a call if you are ok.
    THanks in advance.
    frankc6 ·
    I'm in Dallas TX and I can't find a helix dealer. I saw that you were a dealer and was wondering if you can point me in the right direction or possibly sell me a product. I'm trying not to order off of ebay.
    NavyDiver72 ·
    Hello Nick,

    I am looking for someone to build me a custom set of A Pilar covers for my 2006 Tacoma.
    I am looking at using 2 JL Audio C7-350cm

    Frame Outer Diameter 3.45 in / 88 mm
    Bolt Hole Circle Diameter 3.15 in / 80 mm
    Mounting Hole Diameter 2.87 in / 73 mm
    Grille Tray Outer Diameter 3.95 in / 100 mm
    Mounting Depth 1.46 in / 37 mm

    and also 2 JL Audio C7-100ct

    Flush Mount Fixture Diameter 2.13 in / 54 mm
    Surface Mount Fixture Diameter 2.16 in / 55 mm
    Flush Mount Mounting Hole Diameter 1.88 in / 48 mm
    Flush Mount Mounting Depth 0.73 in / 19 mm

    If this is possible please let me know, the cost and the turn around time. I have a pair of new OEM Pillars - also, will you get rid of the handles on the A pillar or can you keep them??

    If possible, can you give me a number where I can call you to talk about this?


    toneloc2 ·
    hey bud i hope your OK with me letting Holmz know were i got my signature done, He pm me and ask so i passed your name on...
    Flyhogz ·
    Hey, Nick.

    I am working with sqnut (Arun) on tuning my Bit Ten D and he said to ask you about getting a 1/3 oct PN and the mono full range PN. I would really appreciate any assistance you could provide.


    wanderer1 ·
    I've got so Zapco and am confused by the symbilink. I have a 650.6, a1000.4 and a 1100.1. How do I feed all of them symbilink channels? Also do they all need to be transmitter style? If so what do you set them at? I also have the SL controller. ALot of questions I know, but I could really use your help. Jason 281-224-0290
    achile ·
    i'm new in car audio system and i don't know how to do a schema of my install.
    Could you help me to realize a system diagram please??

    than you
    beatnbronco ·
    hey man, would you mind doing one of those system diagrams I see in alot of the members sigs? If you don't have the time or whatever I can try it out if you tell me the trick to it. thanks
    P_4SPL ·
    * Do you have any System Diagrams for Veritas horns, Morel Supremo woofers, 13" JLW 7's, OEM Chrysler deck, Audio Control DQXS EQ/x-over , RF T2000BD, Epicenter.

    Let me know if somone can find those for my Sig.
    nerker ·
    Thanks. The only reason im selling is because I upgraded. These are beautiful amps. Made in America and will only grow in value.
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