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  • Alex84 ·
    Hi I'm Alexandre from Brazil. I'm currently using an HX-D2 and have recently bought a VCZ-625 to match the pair.

    Now I'm looking for the DCA-006 to preserve de HX-D2 DAC even using the changer.

    Could you help me finding it? Pacparts is not selling this anymore.
    dbent366 ·
    I saw where you posted a picture of the circuit board for the old Lanzar opti 200. I was wondering if you could send me some high rez photos of it. I ask because I'm going to try to fix one for a friend of mine. His has some pretty burnt resistors and I can't read the color code on them. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Paulluap ·
    I'm Paul and are new to this site.I have been looking at photo's of your Clarion collection.I have a system that I built in the mid ninety's that I still use today.My head unit is the ARX9170 which has been in the repair shop for over 8 weeks and its not looking good.I am going in a show this weekend so I brought a DRX9375 from ebay to get my system up and running.The Head unit is from the US so the radio doesn't work here in New Zealand.I still prefer my old ARX9170 and would like to get another one (or the ARX 9270)to fit my system with the DSP 9300 Unit.Would you sell me one you have or do you know where I could get one even for parts to fix mine.

    By the way your collection so far is awesome.

    Thanks Paul
    mgrubb ·
    hello, i bought a clarion nx702 and installed it in a FRS, i cannot get the sound right on it, all of my speakers are stock, but i'm use to trebble and bass.....this doesn't have those options, it has LPF and HPF, what should i set it to? i understand you're an expert in this brand so if you can help i'd really appreciate it, also do you think they are going to patch the bluetooth with iOS6 (iPhone) so that you can stream music again? and is this in your opinion the best unit (gps nav/audio quality) unit or would you have went with something else?
    Gilbert ·
    I understand you are the clarion expert. Can you help me, I need a users manual for a DRX9375R? I have searched high and low, with out any success.
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