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  • ray0018 ·
    i have a sony cdx c90 and xdp 4000x trying to find sony mobile software disc to program presets im new here and saw older posts being disscussed
    ocsoswat ·
    You mind if I bug you in PMs? I can feel the passageway near the dash support bar up behind the radio.

    My biggest issue.. is with the 12' RCAs I can't deviate much. In the center there is a plastic shield under the carpet. I think it protects some factory wiring. I'm not sure how to get around it. On either side of that is where the jumper seat and driver and passenger seat bolt down. I can see impressions in the carpet where the jumper presses against the drivetrain hump really hard. The only clear area is mostly the top of the hump and just off the top edges.
    g7kobayashi ·
    Hi, sorry for late reply.
    Been busy at work and didn't visit this site.

    Yes, I'll take $1000 shipped for the amp.
    Please let me know what you think.
    Thank you.
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