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  • reazur ·
    Im using Sony XM-2002GTR AMP :
    i was using A poineer 1300watt sub(not sure if its single coil or double) . few days ago the coils got burned. my question is
    1 HOW DO I PREVENT IT from burning again .
    2 is my amp too powerfull i dont think so :/
    3 What is the the correct HI PASS and Low pass (from amp and cd player) in short how do i set up the settings without putting pressure on the amp or sub .
    4-im planning to install 2Oval Speaker sonyxpload
    420watt extra boost power 100watt 5oem *EACH
    will i be able to play wthout using my amp ? PS-including 4 toyota factory door speaker .
    PLEASE REPLY or email @ [email protected]
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