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  • Llamabutcher ·

    I am interested in your 2 subwoofers. I'd pay $120.00 shipped for both to California. Let me know if you are interested. Also, do you have references or anything? I am new to this community, and don't know how you guys generally provide references when selling items. Thanks!
    vwguy383 ·
    What I don't get is that the bulbs are half as bright as they should be. I would think that if they were like a normal bulb that it would be all or nothing. like a incadesnite bulb. And the biggest thing that i don't have any clue about is figuring out the part number for the bulbs. pacparts has a display, two lamps, and a FLOURESCENT LAMP(which is discontinued). I'm thinking that its the one of the two lamps but unsure. I really don't have a problem trying to tackle the job and if I find that I can't do I have some electronic techs at work that would be able to do it. My biggest problem is not knowing what to order.
    P.S. you do make a good point about buying another face. It's going to be just as old as the one I got now.

    Yes I know about pacparts.I think you are better off getting another face because its not an easy job to replace those bulbs.They are under the display and it has to be desoldered and resoldered,but it can be done.Have you priced the bulbs yet?However my advice on getting a different face might not be that good,because its going to be just as old.So replacing all the bulbs at once would be the best fix.
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