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      The are Lifepo4 cells im referring too also.
      My current system charges too 14.4v

      All the batteries specs ca be found here:
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      My car/audio electrical is this:
      180amp alt and 2x large gel cell AGM’s and when running my lights dont flicker and it will droop too 0v-.4v by all the meters from my cars computer and a bass control that reads it.
      I just installed two amps that are twice the power my old ones had. And yes everything possible is fused. So know my electrical system needs a boost.

      Buy what i read i have several solutions.
      A new alternator, Which is a pita as ill have to pay to get it done.
      Add a JP40 lithium cell thats all self contained with a remote and im rather sure an isolator.

      Buy a bigger lithium cell from Amazon as the are on sale.
      with a dual lithium cell battery isolator.

      lastly and its the easy way but mot the best imo is add another 12v agm Battery.

      With all that info what do you suggest?
      alternator provides electricity when the car is running. batteries provide electricity when the engine is not running. alternator also charges batteries whil car is running.
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      I found a good deal on two lithium Lithium LiFePO4 batteries.
      id get one of these:

      Or 2 of these:

      im currently running 2 large AGM batteries, but im doing some upgrades with my amps/subs so i want to make sure my electrical will hold up,my alternator is holding its own now.

      lastley do i need a battery isolator? I dont think so since everything is 12v and my system is staying at 14.2v i just dont sit and listen to my system unless the car is running.

      My best goal outcome is to just put the lithium in parallel and thats it besides a GIANT fuse.
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