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      Hey all,

      Firstly, I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post. It'll be a bit lengthy but I feel like those of you seasoned experts would be able to guide me more efficiently if you have all of the information at hand.

      Last weekend, I upgraded the 6 speakers stock system in my 2019 Cherokee Trialhawk with two Kenwood Excelon KFC-X3C speakers in the front-left and front-right dash, Alpine S-S69C woofers in the front doors (tweeters not installed anywhere), and two Alpine R-S69.2 2-way speakers in the rear doors hooked up to my stock 8.4 uConnect head unit. For the most part, I really like the way the speakers sound and was actually surprised that the head unit was able to power them as efficiently as it does. The volume can hit about 30 (out of 38) before it seems like I run out of headroom. Once I turn it up though, the tweeters in the Kenwoods become quite sibilant and some of the mid-bass in both sets of 6x9s is kind of beaten out by the lower end frequencies and tends to muddy up. I feel like taming the Kenwoods' tweeters a bit and lowering some of the lower bass a tad in the 6x9s with a DSP would help to make the six speakers really fill out some of the full spectrum a bit. I have a JBL Basspro Hub on the way that could pick up the low end and I feel like I could install one of the unused tweeters from the front component set in the unfilled center position and perhaps if the output on it is low enough in comparison to the Kenwoods it could fill in some of the brilliance I'd tame off on the kenwoods without being as in your face as the kenwoods are currently.

      What I'm wanting to do:
      1. Add in some sort of tuning/dsp to adjust the current six speakers a bit to tame the Kenwoods' highs and make the doors less muddy
      2. Some amplification to either just the woofers in the doors or to all six speakers. It doesn't have to be much more than what the head unit is able to push out now, but a little more would be nice
      3. Install one of the 1-inch tweeters that I have from my Alpine component set in the center of the dash as a center channel speaker. (Not sure if I could get away with having it wired this straight to the head unit or not. I'm a novice

      My budget: $1000 for parts $400 for installation and wiring (I am colorblind and have neuropathy in my hands so installation would be a really difficult task even if I had step-by-step instructions from start to finish.)

      Some stuff I've looked at:
      JBL DSP4086 - At first I was dead-set on getting this because I loved the budget and it's just a kiss of power that I know is more than likely stronger than my factory head unit with the tuneability that I am looking for each channel. After looking around though, it sounds like these have a tendency of having a consistent noise floor and that would drive me nuts if I heard it.
      Alpine PXE-0850X - I like the idea of this but 1) I'm not certain if the wattage per channel is high enough to give me more volume from my set-up compared to what the factory unit is putting out, I can't seem to find the specs on the 8.4 uConnect though so I have no idea 2) I like the idea of being able to tune this with my phone and bluetooth.
      AudioControl D-6.1200 - This is honestly probably out of budget for me but seems like it would be the perfect mix of tunability and extra power. It's probably more power than what I need. I liked some of the other options just because the Kenwoods are rated for 50w RMS, component 6x9s are rated at 85w RMS, and the 2-way 6x9s are 100w RMS and I liked the idea of having something that was more power than what I have but low enough that I wouldn't burn a voice coil or anything on a long, loud road trip.

      In summary, I really like the sound the the change of speakers has brought to my Trailhawk. However, I tend to turn it up and not only do I wish it was just a tiny bit louder but I'd like to clean up some of what the speakers are doing from the factory head unit a bit so that I can have a nice, full-range of sound. I have a powered subwoofer on the way that will round out the lower bass nicely and I'd like to install an unused 1 inch tweeter in the front, center location of the dash that I can hopefully drive a little lower than the kenwoods on either side of it. Getting something to tune each channel to suit my needs would be great along with just a bit more power. I won't be installing these myself and will pay a local shop to put everything in. I have looked at some hardware but I don't know which of those (if any of them) would be the right choice. Any input with hardware suggestions, while staying in budget, would be greatly appreciated.

      If you've made it this far, thank you. You rock.
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      Thank you all for your time and input.

      So, currently my 2019 Cherokee has some Kenwood 3.5's in the dash and Alpine S-S69C (woofers only) in the front doors with Alpine R-S69.2 in the rear doors all wired directly to the stock 8.4 UConnect radio. Right now, I'm almost content with the way everything sounds. The Kenwoods have a bit too much brilliance once the volume gets turned up that I just can't tame out with the basic EQ without losing too much treble (read solution below) and I'm missing some low-end bass that a future sub will help to round out the audio. The volume now is okay but I notice it starts to sort of top out once I get to 29 out of 38 on the volume knob so I wouldn't mind just a bit more headroom there.

      Next week, I am having an Alpine PXE-0850X installed to let me shape the sound of the speakers a bit, along with a JBL BassPro Hub to add a kiss of bottom end. I'm sure the 25w from the PXE-0850X will be fine enough for the Kenwood 3.5s but in an effort to keep things compact while getting more power to the doors I bought an Infinity Primus 6004a for the 6x9s. As mentioned earlier, I'm pretty close to content with the sound but I wouldn't mind a bit of extra volume and enough power to account for any EQing I might do with the DSP. Will the 60w from the Infinity going to the 6x9s be sufficient seeing as I'm pretty close to content with their volume now? My only real-world advice is from a friend that needs two12inch JLw7 subs in every car he gets and he seems to think I need the max of 85w and 100w rated RMS going to the 6x9s to be happy.

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