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      so what i have learned, ... the batteries are not necessarily that much lighter in weight, they might be more in the 50% weight reduction range. also, there are many forms of lithium batteries. you probably would want to look at lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO 4 battery) or LFP battery. easiest to get into. (y) (y)

      Genuine Lithium Batteries for DIY Projects – Battery Hookup

      USED HEADWAY 38120 HP 3.2V 8AH LIFEPO4 BATTERY – Battery Hookup

      Wouldn't my alternator charge the batteries fully rather quickly?
      this is a really good question. i have not really seen a lot of info/data on this question. i picked up some of the headway cells, i'm in process of putting a pack together to test out. but a lot of guys have used this them successfully from my understanding. this is a maybe a complicated question, i suspect. some of the lithium batteries are rated based on alternator charging capability. you have probably seen that already.
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      you are correct the cells have no built in protection,... raw.
      it seems like they can do 80A continuous charge per cell,
      and 200A continuous discharge per cell.
      i assume they can tolerate higher level for a shorter time.


      you think the batteries would get so depleted they would draw that much from alternator?
      ... i guess it depends on how much / how long current is drawn off of them....

      you have any charge controller systems you like / recommend?

      the stuff you are saying could happen, but not guaranteed to happen, .... depends on how much current is drawn and the guys alternator charging voltage.


      You really should use a battery management module with these. Yes; they are more robust than other lithium chemistries from a safety point of view, but there's other concerns as well.

      Without a charge controller, you are likely going to exceed the max charging rate and end voltage on the cells as well as put excess stress on your alternator. Also, I think these are raw cells, without any internal voltage cutoff chips. The result will be reduced cell lifespan; and potentially immediate cell failure upon exceeding the lower discharge limits.
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