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      Howdy everyone, been a lurker here for 10ish years and have picked up tons of great knowledge, but now it's time to poll the brain trust!

      I have two Porsche 911s that are both running custom install 2-Way Active +JBL Sub via Pioneer DEH80PRS powered by JL XD700/5V2. It has recently come to my attention that over the past 5 or so years, amplifier manufacturers are now adding active crossover and equalizer functionality to their amps, and my hope is I can replace my current amp and HU with a single box that does everything so I can run a Blaupunkt SQR 46 DAB headunit to have a more period correct look on the dash.

      The amps are currently located under the front seats, and I am not willing to relocate so space is my primary concern, followed by functionality and cost last.

      Thanks in advance!
      Here's a JL Audio example, there are other brands.
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      Here's a JL Audio example, there are other brands.
      Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see anything mentioning active or crossovers on the amp you linked? Is this all handled by the JL TUN app, and if so is it safe to assume that any amp that uses that app will have crossover and EQ functionality?

      Please forgive me if I sound old, but back when I did these installs back in 2008-2012, 80% of car audio shops didn't even know what an active crossover was, and the rest either used the DEH80PRS or giant Audiocontrol boxes. Sounds like things have changed a bit since then?
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