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      i use double sided banner tape. Its about $23 for a roll. Used to be $12
      Grimco website right? Bookmarked! Thanks!

      This stuff seemed decent when I used it
      That is actually one of the brands I looked at as a possibility, thou the thicker 1" version. I really wanted to have some thin stuff as well as the thicker width stuff.

      I've been watching quite a few of Mark's CAF vids on Youtube, as of late, and I've been itching to try some new things.
      So I bought a new Milwaukee M18 Fuel cordless router with plunge base, and I'm trying to think up some fun practice projects.:)
      Now I can leave my big bulky Craftsman router in the table! Yay!

      Plus, one of the CNC channels I watch uses it on certain types of parts, and I'd like to have some in my box at work, if the opportunity presents itself.
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