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  1. Advice for a 3 way setup (66 Mustang)

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Wow, surprised no one has had to, or done this in the past? Guess this is kind of a bump, lots to do on the car pulling it back from race car into street car so I was hoping to not have to do the audio twice ;) TIA
  2. Advice for a 3 way setup (66 Mustang)

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I can't afford to lose the foot room in relation to the clutch. I have some HAT Legatia L6 with pro tweet components I was planning on running, and picking up the L4 that should be able to pick up around 180hz at 24db. I plan to almost flush mount the L4 and tweet, possibly adding 1/2" and...
  3. Advice for a 3 way setup (66 Mustang)

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hey guys, Looking for some opinion on something I have been thinking about regarding an installation into a 66 Mustang Coupe. I will lead with what I can't do: Door speakers Kickpanel speakers (beyond my plan, see below) Pillar or dash mount My plan is the following: 4"/tweet combo in the...
  4. 2008 Sequoia Audio Help

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey guys, Been a long time since I have posted, but looking for some help for a coworker. He has a 2008 Sequoia with the JBL premium audio package. Pretty sure it is the 14/1 speaker package Looking for straight basic information through to advanced stuff. Amp(s) and location (s)? All...
  5. Best ass ever!

    The OT Dump - NWSOTBS
    I don't know who that last girl is, but she is fucking hot, nice contribution
  6. Best audiophile blu ray player w/wi fi & usb

    DIY Home & Pro Audio
    Oppo players are awesome and generally play about any format/file type you can think of. Usually ranked in the top 3 for blu ray playback and audio playback. Check out I think .. google oppo
  7. Best ass ever!

    The OT Dump - NWSOTBS
    KK reference linked
  8. Home Tower Speakers, NEW

    Car Audio Classifieds
    I might be interested in a pair, just not sure about the Maple in my family room. Cherry or Black and a payment would be en route Feel free to PM me a number on the Bravo series if you have any left. Thanks
  9. Need some help for front components (need high output)

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hey guys, Looking for the following in order of importance from a 6.5/tweet set: 1) Loud 2) Power Handling 3) Loud 4) Efficiency 5) Loud Price point in the $250-400 range These are not for me, they are from a younger friend of mine who tends to push his equipment pretty hard, fairly often...
  10. My system was stolen

    Off Topic
    Sorry to hear man, that always sucks. Like my pop told me years ago, you really cannot have anything nice that you have to use daily, because other people just don't give a f**k. That being said, I have always tried to be careful with where you "advertise". IE where you are at when you have...
  11. A-Pillar, Kicks and Door speaker help please

    General Car Audio Discussion
    KISS is a good plan. As mentioned multiple pathlengths, multiple drivers attempting to play the same frequencies from different locations ... all bad stuff. Although there are many, many "high end" stereo shops that do exactly what you are talking about for people with $$$ and zero...
  12. Epic eBay thread - OMFG>>>>

    Off Topic
    I am not a big "epic" guy, but this ad is epic. Unf'n-believable. Not knowing both sides it is hard to be completely decided, but I hope that bitch gets what it coming. Go Karma!
  13. Obama to send more National Guard troops to U.S.-Mexico border

    Off Topic
    Close the borders, all of them. Spend my tax money on education and medical care for the people in this country legally, abide by the constitution, not the whims of career politicians currently in power, and reinvest in this company we call a country. I could say a lot more about how I really...
  14. New Build- Lowther love

    DIY Home & Pro Audio
    Dude those are sick! You are a bad man with the wood/glass. I am hoping you are charging a pretty penny, looks like a lot of hours tied up in those. Looking forward to seeing the final product.
  15. Looking for Low Profile Component Sets

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Looking for some advise on some very low profile mids, either as a pair or as part of a component set. I have a good fried of mine that runs a car fabrication shop that wants to add a very stealth system to his 65 Mustang Coupe "show booth" and autocross car. Plan to do a very small fiberglass...
  16. Twin Towers BUILD LOG

    DIY Home & Pro Audio
    More bracing bro, and I have my doubts on the tuning frequency you will achieve at the end of the project, but you will definitely be pushing some air and your neighbors will definitely know when you are watching WoW on the bluray. Hell my 6 cube 15" Tempest tuned to 18.8hz shakes my whole...
  17. Marantz SR6004 impressions

    DIY Home & Pro Audio
    Thanks for the review, I have been looking at the 6003 and 6004 to replace my Yamaha 2600 (purchased the year before HDMI became the standard). How is the upconverting on the unit? More specifically, does the unit "step on" the 1080P signal or does it leave it alone? I am looking at the...
  18. Haiti......screw em right?

    Off Topic
    That article probably tells more truth than the combined coverage all of our news outlets have put out to date. I am 100% in agreement that we need to stop sending billions of dollars all over the globe (that we technically no longer have) to save every country/nation/disaster/town/"democracy"...
  19. Time to upgrade the receiver, need recommendations please

    DIY Home & Pro Audio
    Hey guys, looking for a little advice as I am looking to step into the HDMI era finally. I have always been a Yamaha guy, as the 3 that I have had always performed great, and lasted forever. I currently have a RX-V2600 which has served me well, but was purchased just before the HDMI world...
  20. Hip Hop Lyricism

    Off Topic
    That is the best comment in the thread. Without those guys, who were real lyricists, not one of the other people mentioned in the tread have a record deal, or most likely a mic ;) Gotta like a little Nicky, Nina has some solid flows as well. I grew up with A+ who was in Souls of Mischief and...
1-20 of 482 Results