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  1. JVC KD-SH1000 ACTIVE Head Unit Damaged $35 shipped CONTUS

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: JVC KD-SH1000 ACTIVE HEAD UNIT Comes with unit, faceplate, wiring harness, and faceplate case (from an Eclipse, but works for this). Condition of all items: Faceplate does not stay attached due to a chip on the edge where the catch is supposed to hold -- see...
  2. 2008 F250 4x4 Diesel build

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    What the heck are those wheels doing way out there?
  3. Fundamentals of entropy and it's flaws?

    Off Topic
    Why do you type in English? Why not type in your own made up language, Like, dsuahsdkr adisomm aoduu mofaru llama. Don't listen to these people telling you how to communicate!
  4. Fundamentals of entropy and it's flaws?

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  5. McIntosh Amplifier and Speakers up on the bay (from Subaru Outback VDC)

    :D McIntosh EF 1080i Car Audio Amplifier from 2001 Subaru Outback VDC | eBay McIntosh Speakers Car Audio Full Set from 2001 Subaru Outback VDC | eBay
  6. *** Inexpensive Active Head-Unit ***

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Have this deck too and I like it lots. Everything works awesome.
  7. FS-MTX Thunder 5400x Amplifier $100

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Do you have an idea of what kind of power this amp *actually* makes? Are they underrated like the Fosgates? I am planning to do a SQ-oriented 2-way active build in my truck and a single 5-channel amp would be ideal. Just not sure if it would be enough power (front stage isn't chosen yet...
  8. Spanish Harlem - Rebecca Pidgeon

    DIY Music Forum
  9. 40% off select speakers at Newegg

    Hot Deals
    Nah you use the promo code that I pasted and it applies the discount at checkout. All the prices you see are regular prices. 40% off that is what you would get. But like I said they require that you input your email so they might no accept it. Also it was only 24 hours so it's done. :)
  10. 40% off select speakers at Newegg

    Hot Deals - ppsshomeapro I think you have to be signed up for their email things though. EMCXVVS25 is the code.
  11. Hybrids do they really exist?

    Off Topic
    :laugh: Haha yes, they are hybrids. You can believe whatever you want, I just disagree with you. This is what I said before: "No, you can define serious for yourself. I don't take your seriousness seriously, but that shouldn't have any bearing on what you find to be serious." I'm serious...
  12. Exhaust drone/resonance cure????

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    Cha cha cha!
  13. Hybrids do they really exist?

    Off Topic
    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. You're the fucking dick, dick. You're a fucking dick asshole fucker. You're a dick in an asshole. What if I told you that Minnesota State is full of cocksuckers? What then? And then what if I told you I meant all of that in a good way? What then then? You...
  14. Hybrids do they really exist?

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    No offense guys, but 9 pages is weakkkkk. I'm on other forums and a topic like this would have hit 9 pages the first day. You're all slackers!
  15. In Soviet Russia, meteors fall from the sky!

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    I'd say that's still more possible than Bigfoot or mermaids!
  16. When did TV get better than movies?

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    Anyone seen House of Cards on Netflix? I recommend it, but I also recommend that you don't take any of my recommendations.
  17. Exhaust drone/resonance cure????

    Off Topic
    Simple, install a glasspack in your exhaust, have someone rev the car to at least 5000 rpm while your ear is directly next to the tailpipe. Repeat for the other ear. You are now deaf, and exhaust drone is no longer an issue!
  18. Hybrids do they really exist?

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    :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: Excellent
  19. Hybrids do they really exist?

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    See this is interesting. If Bigfoot were found to be real, he could topple the economy. Mermaids, on the other hand, would not.
1-20 of 464 Results