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  1. Subwoofer Crossover Frequency - Is a bit of localization really that bad?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    i've recently jacked mine all up messing around and yields for-the-moment-decent results. 31.5hz @18db LPF from the HU which also has 60hz cut at 10dbs with a Q of 5, to an external EQ for the subs with 60hz cut another 12db, and a boost to 125hz and 250hz a bit. i suck at this game...
  2. Bit Ten

    General Car Audio Discussion
    of course you can, in two different vehicles. seems like it'd be a waste for two in the same setup and not have the bit one or ms8 or sumfin.
  3. Severe Sinus Infection - HELP!

    Off Topic
    bah, you sissy. i had one when i was unemployed a year or two ago. i simply dealt with it for a good three or four weeks until nature found its' own way of ridding the problem. it was hell, that's for sure.
  4. The "Post what you have for FREE thread"

    Car Audio Classifieds
    post what you have for free thread, not what you WANT for free thread.
  5. New School Soundstream gut pics

    Equipment Repair and Modification
    careful or the overlord will take them and make others pay for viewing.
  6. dammit

    Off Topic
    i was going to reference that episode, but wasn't sure how to go about it.
  7. Why does iTunes take so long to open on my computer? Like 15 min

    Off Topic
    because fruit branded electronics suck.
  8. what can i stuff a port with to seal it temporarily?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Plumbers' test plugs perhaps? i've seen them suggested elsewhere.
  9. Mp3 player

    General Car Audio Discussion
    well at least this doesn't have to do with an amp.
  10. Time Alignment Formula

    General Car Audio Discussion
    bah, i never got that method to work from my HU's settings.
  11. Duel DVC Subs

    General Car Audio Discussion
    i surely wouldn't want subs with dueling voice coils. that must be hell to tune and sound right.
  12. setting ssf and lpf?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    and yet another thread of this guy and his amp! yes!
  13. why no love for shallow slopes

    General Car Audio Discussion
    that bit ten is the next thing on my list to acquire. that is damn near exactly what i was thinking about trying out once i got the thing. does doing that sort of thing do any funky stuff to the phase that so many are obsessively worried aboot? your pics are somewhat small, but basically...
  14. why no love for shallow slopes

    General Car Audio Discussion
    i do suppose the rather simplistic way mr. stevens put it to make sense. i was messing around with the 6.5" component mid and 100hz with a 6db slope didn't sound bad. i've decided to try and not run my 6.5" as low as i can since from what i've read, and after thinking about it somewhat...
  15. why no love for shallow slopes

    General Car Audio Discussion
    well obviously you wouldn't want the XO points as close as you would have with more conventional points, but is there no place for them?
  16. why no love for shallow slopes

    General Car Audio Discussion
    i was sort of thinking about 6db/octave slopes.
  17. why no love for shallow slopes

    General Car Audio Discussion
    me thinks the title speaks (reads?) for itself. i've seen in various threads that nearly everyone recommends, for example, running their mids/midbass as low as possible with the steepest slope as well as the subs as high with the steep slopes too. is it because the usage of a shallower slope...
  18. If you died today.

    Off Topic
    build a house paint a self portrait
  19. Subwoofer storage

    Fabrication, Tools & Tricks of the trade
    i had mine shipped into orbit until i'm ready for them. no worries for saggy subs at all.
  20. Seperate sub sonic filter

    General Car Audio Discussion
    why not boost a few db's as close as you can to your SSF? are you sure that the 30hz isn't actually the -3db point? on my RF amp, all it says about the thing is that the -3db point is 28hz. not even sure of the slope, 12db maybe?
1-20 of 485 Results