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Hello everyone...
I wanted to take the time to share a new "Active" Sound Quality build I am starting on in my 2019 Chevy Colorado ZR2. First, let me say I have been out of the custom car audio scene for a while so I 1) Did a ton of research for High Quality Brands Like Focal, Audio Frog, JL Audio, Mosconi, Brax, Audison, Helix and a lot more... 2) I found the best audio "Engineers" (Not Just Installers) in my state to collaborate on the main design elements. The design as I mentioned above was to be a SQ build. I love the euphotic feeling of being in a vehicle and hearing ever minuscule detail properly staged with the clean and controlled ranges of frequency and crisp tones. I share this information mainly to help others that has a late model Crew Cab Colorado as I did not find many SQ builds listed on the internet in this exact crew cab truck.

So let me say this before I get to the build, only about 65-70% of the expense is in the equipment. Do not get me wrong I bought top shelf components that 1) Provide the "Sound Signature" I was after 2) provided flexibility and control in the design. You may ask what should I budget for a stage 3 SQ system professional installed and tuned including; fabrication, custom box for subs, sound deadening, cabling Labor, and finally the equipment. The short answer is 10k...

Oh XXXX I hear it now there will be many individuals speaking of builds for less and some for far more. Keep in mind I was choosing a sound signature that only could be produce in a SQ build and this is where I came in on cost. I was hoping to spend less, however I feel that the engineers, installers and tuners is the best value and good talent is not cheap.

So without further ado

Head Unit - Remains Stock

Tweets - Audio Frog GB10 - To be mounted in customized A Pillars

Dash Mids - Audio Frog GB 25 in the Dash stock location (The location just works so well no fabrication was needed)

Front Mids - Audio Frog GB60 - Custom Mounts in Front Doors

Rear Mids - Audio Frog GS62 - These will be running off head unit power and are to only help widen the sound stage.

DSP/AMP - HELIX P SIX DSP MK2 (We selected this over the v12 because you can not bridge channels and the v6 has 120 rms vs only 75 rms on the v12 model...

Custom Sub Box - I did find a few companies making sub box's for the Colorado; however, all but one were sub-par boxes IMO... The only one that was not was the JL Stealthbox, but I wanted 2 x 10" in a sealed box. I wanted seal for the cleaner bass "After all this is a SQ build". So in the end I had to spend a lot more on getting a custom one off box made to accomplish the goal. We are also doing a few other special items on the box to enhance the quality of Bass sound further...

Subs - Audison Prima 10" Shallow mount -

Sub Amp - Arc Audio x2-1100-1

Power - See Updated Design Below

Sound Deadening - HushMat Ultra - All Doors both Inner and Outer Rapped Complete floor and back wall.

Other Brackets and cabling - RCA, T-Harnesses, etc....

I will provide a follow up video and pics to this write up once completed..

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions...


Custom Audio Frog and Audison powered by Helix and Arc.


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I do have one concern, the load on my alternator. From what I can find online the alternator should produces 150 amp's... Not sure yet what my running amps are but I estimate I will need about 60-70 amps for running the equipment at the levels I lesson at...