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1991 corolla: scoche radio, ice'd audio 4" 2ways in the dash and 6.5" 3ways in rear deck. Pioneer gm1000 and a home stereo bass loudspeaker in a cutdown box

Moved the gm1000 under the driver seat to push the interior speakers and added a gm5400 and cap for the actual sub

1996 dodge dakota. Used a jvc arsenal, scoche line converter, boss 7 band eq.
Pic is the initial board, i ended up moving the gm1000 under the seat to power tweeters in the A and B pillars. The gm5400 pushed my 6.5" speakers from the corolla in my doors, kenwood 6x9 3ways in the side panels and a pair of sony 3speaker soundbars under the rear window. The space from the gm1000 was filled with an mtx1501 and the single sub was swapped for dual cvr12's and their box.

Now: 05 mustang with....idk...its a jvc touchscreen something 350bt, i have a line converter and put it in out of habit but the only other thing i've done so far is dropped in the kickers because the engine started acting a turd and my performance addiction took over....koni's will be here tomorrow


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