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  1. Hertz Mille ML2500 / ML 2500 10" Sub (This thing is a Beast!)

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    Hertz ML 2500 / Used (bought from DIY member) 9/10 / $395 Shipped The only reason I'm selling it is I cannot get it to fit in the Ski Pass Thru on my BMW Convertible. Bought this from a DIY member that was a Hertz dealer. This sub had only been used for a matter of months so it's essentially...
  2. Hertz Mille ML 700, ML 2500 and Focal Speaker Pods

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    Hertz ML 700’s / Used (bought from DIY member) 9/10 / $235 Shipped Hertz ML 2500 / Used (bought from DIY member) 9/10 / $450 Shipped Focal speaker Pods for Mid and Tweeter / Used 9/10 / $135 Shipped Payment by PayPal only...
  3. Hertz Mille ML2500 10" Sub AKA The Beast!

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    This is an amazing sub but unfortunately it won't fit in my car :mad: so my loss is your gain. Lists for $800 and I'm selling it for less then half of that. I bought it from another DIYer slade1274 who was a Hertz Dealer and had it mounted in a BMW135. My understanding is that everyone who...
  4. Alpine Type E 10 BNIB...$50 shipped!!!!!!!!!!

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    Product Brand & Model: Alpine SWE1043, single 4 ohm VC Condition of all items: BNIB Total Price: : $50 shipped Shipping Terms: : I pay. Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks are...