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  1. 2 10" W3v3 or 1 12" W6v2 ??

    General Car Audio Discussion
    hey i need help deciding on subs, i currently own a 12W6v2 running off a alpine mrp-m500, the sub sounds good and is loud but it just doesnt hit the way id like. My questions are 1. Will 2 10" W3v3 running 300watt rms each, be louder than 1 12" w6v2 at 500 watts?(both setups will be sealed) 2...
  2. Sealed enclosure for JL 12W6v2

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi, Currently I have sealed enclosure for my JL12W6v2 and it's about 1.06 cu.ft. It sounds good but not superb. And I'm thinking, maybe the guy who told me 30Liters for this sub will be fine, and 5 liter difference won't do anything is bullshitting me. So, I think I should order a new...
  3. JL 12w6v2 in 1.7cu', ported @ 33hz... X-Over & Subsonic?

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I'm about to run Alpine's imprint software on my cda-9887 and had this other thread going about: enclosure specs I have two JL 12w6v2 woofers in this dual 1.7cu foot, ported enclosure, tuned to 33hz. I'm feeding the subs a bridged 1000 watts @ 4ohms from a Zed Audio Kronos, half gain, no bass...
  4. ****Two 12" JL AUDIO W6v2 Subwoofers (CHEAP!!)****

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Hello all, I got this equipment in a trade....trying to sell it cheap 2- 12" JL AUDIO 12W6v2 Subwoofers 1- RIT Dual-Sealed Enclosure One sub has a scuff on the surround and a blemish....the other sub has a few blemishes on the cone. Nothing major. $350 PICKED UP (Im...