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  1. Lexus IS250 starting point, general info help!!!

    General Car Audio Discussion
    hey all ive been inactive for quite a bit, but im in a new car now and request some assistance from whomever! so i totaled my 3er last week and now im in an 09 Lexus is250 non mark levinson with nav. so i ripped my ms8 out before copart took it... i was looking to completely rip the old system...
  2. Need help with front stage design. New User.

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey y'all! I'm brand new here and to forums in general, so ill try to make my question clear. I just got my first car and i'm a nut about sound quality so the first thing i did was take it to a few different car audio shops and get it kitted. I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to Home...
  3. 3-way front stage vs 2-way

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Help me out guys! My sub stage currently consists of a pair of Acoustic Elegance IB12s. Infinite baffled, of course. Front stage is rather weak, since I'm trying to move over from the SPL side. I have a set of Crossfire C5 coax and Digital Designs T1 tweeters in each door. I'm trying to decide...
  4. FS: 2-way speakers featuring TB W4-1337s (Lineup Series)

    Car Audio Classifieds
    The Lineup D4 and D44 have both done really well in DIY events. More info on the builds is here. The D4 includes assembled speakers but the cabinets are not veneered yet. The drivers that were originally installed in the cabinets were sold, so I'll be replacing them with brand new Tang Band...
  5. WTB: 2-way setup under $200

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Looking for something for the wife's car. Might go with pacparts and get the Type-X pro stuff, but figured I'd ask here to see if I can get some used gear. 6.5-7" mid. Regular (non-large) format tweeter; I need tweeter to fit in a-pillar without standing out. I'm interested in just about...