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  1. Need help with a harsh sounding 3 Way! Not sure what to focus on fixing.

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hi guys, im in need of some help tuning my system. This is my first attempt at tuning a 3 way and im having a hard time getting it to sound good. Everything looks good when i measure, but it keeps sounding quite harsh and shouty. Hopefully someone will be able to give me some ideas to try to...
  2. Upgade or not upgrade?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey guys! I am actually running a pair of Illusion C3CX, and I'm pretty much happy with them. But I like try and test always new things. Wondering if a separate components could be an upgrade, a downgrade, or pretty much the same. I know tuning is all that matters, but assuming the tuning is...
  3. Needed: Tuner in or near Tampa, FL

    Professional Installer Locator & Review Forum
    I need someone good, within a few hours drive, to tune my recently installed system. I've got a three way active front stage, 1", 4", 8", and an IDMAXX 15 in the trunk. Arc Audio PS8 processor. Preferably someone that has worked with this processor before. Let me know in the comments or pm me.
  4. First 3 way (4 way) Set up

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    So as the post says, I would like to do a front stage with tweeters, midrange, and midbass/woofer. What I need to do is HP filter -Tweeters BP filter - Midrange LP filter - Woofer However I also want to add a sub in the trunk. My question is, what type of equipment do I need to do this? I was...
  5. miniDSP problems. HELP!

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I have been posting for the last few days on the miniDSP website but have got no response yet. I will copy and paste what I wrote there. and if anyone has any Ideas I havn't tried yet to fix this problem PLEASE let me know. I am extremely frustrated with this thing... Post #1 I just got my...
  6. 6 channel amp or 3 2 channel amps.

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hey guys, I have been doing a lot of research but I feel like I'm trying to compare apples and oranges. I need amps for my new 3 way active front sq based system. Sound processing is taken care of by a 2X8 miniDSP. My power requirements are only about 50-60W Rms to each channel. Any ideas...
  7. Amplifiers for a 3 way active front + subwoofer.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello all, I started research for my sq build a few months ago and recently got to the stage of actualy purchasing stuff... So here is what I've got piled up in my living room right now. (everything is going into my 2000 Acura TL) Speakers: I will include RMS power handling for reader's...
  8. Share Your Experience With Dedicated Midbass Drivers!

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Ok, im on the hunt for the perfect 6.5" driver for my setup. Ive been searching endless forums and cant make up my mind on what would suit my setup best. My setup consists of CDT ES-02 tweeter/midranges playing from 250Hz up mounted on axis on the dash. A set of Rainbow SLX165 midbass drivers...
  9. Hertz Energy ESK163L

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Hertz EV165L Product Brand & Model: Hertz EV 165L Condition of all items: unused, two boxes. INCLUDES: 2 cx300 crossovers, 4 ev165l speakers, and a set of tweeters. Total Price: : $80 Shipping Terms: : pm for details ** DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE OR THREAD WILL BE DELETED...
  10. FS: Dynaudio System 340 3way set, and MW190 subs. NEW!

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: a) Dynaudio System 340 3 way 7", 3" 1" with crossover. complete b) Dynaudio MW190 subwoofer c) USED Dynaudio MW190 subwoofer Condition of all items: a and b are brand new in box!! c is used, has been installed, but flawless. Total Price: : a) System 340 = $800 shipped...
  11. Boston Acoustics 6.43 or 6.53 bi-amp question

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Does anyone here know from experience with these sets which drivers are grouped in a bi-amped setup? It makes sense that the tweeter and 4" would be grouped, and that the 6.5 would be isolated to the 2nd amp. However, when I spoke to a gentleman at BA, he said that the tweeter was isolated and...
  12. inexpesive tweeter for 3 way

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    so right now i am running tangband w3-1364sa in pods on the a-pillars, and i have found that at high volumes they distort quite a bit in the upper frequecies (5k+) so i my plan was to add a small inexpensive tweeter to run in sail panels (3-4" from the a pillar pods) to cover this range. i will...
  13. Focal Utopia 6W3Be Woofers

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Focal 6W3Be Utopia Be Woofers (pair) These are the woofers from the Focal Utopia Be 3 way No7 Kit. Condition of all items: These were used for 2 years in my sq car. Both are in good condition and in perfect working order. Total Price: : $375 shipped for the pair to...
  14. best idea for mids/highs for spl/daily driver system

    DIYMA - SPL Forum
    which is a better idea....doing a 3 way set up with a component set (Polk MM6501) and a single 8" (Polk MM840) in the front doors of my 08 silverado or just doing multiple sets of components? im doing around 150db now (with plans to go bigger) and needless to say its getting harder to hear the...
  15. Would like to hear some opinions on amps

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Working on getting my first system built. I'm going to have a 3 way front stage and a sub in the back. So far I have bought a SA-12 sub, a pair of L3 mid range and some Hertz ML 165's. When I get my next pay check I'm gonna buy a pair of Scan Speak R3004/6020 tweeter, maybe something else If I...
  16. 3 way comps and a Alpine PXE650

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Im new to the forum here, and I have a question regarding running 3 way component speakers with an alpine pxe650. The PXE has 2 outputs for each of the front speakers and a single for each of the back. i planed on only using the back speakers as rear fill for the midbass. So, basically all i...
  17. Focal KRX3 6.5" 3-way components, JL HD 900.5, and alpine INA W900

    Craigs List Ads
    Focal 165KRX3 - FOCAL 6.5 Not sure if craigslist is allowed here, but this is where I currently have these listed. They have all been used about 2 months in my Porsche, just recently uninstalled because Im selling the Porsche. The speakers are going for 900. The JL Audio 900.5, I don't know...
  18. Morel Elate 3 Way Questions. Opinions and advice needed.

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I have a 3 Way Morel Elate set that I have and before doing anything, I'd like to keep my options open. So, on to the questions. 1.) Can anyone comment on the difference in sound of the Mt-23's and Supremo/Piccolo Tweeters? 2.) Will running a Supremo/Piccolo Tweeter to the set (in...