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  1. Sinfoni Tempo 3-Way Components

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    Product Brand & Model: Sinfoni Tempo 3-Way Components (25mm Tweeter, 4" Midrange, and 6.5" Midwoofer) Condition of all items: Everything functions and plays in excellent condition., however there is a small chip on the corner of one the tweeter grills (see picture) and there is some minor...
  2. Which tweeter and Midbass in 3-way active

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I already have bought HAT L3pro as midrange for my front 3way active powered by JL audio E6450 (upgrading later). As mid bass not able to select one of these Dayton Adio RS180 Morel MW168-4ohm, Sacnspeak Discovery 18W/4434G 00-4ohm Seas ER18ENX. For tweeters (compact only) I have a budget up...