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  1. JL V1 Amps for sale

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    Product Brand & Model: JL 500/1 V1 JL 300/4 V1 Condition of all items: Used in perfect working order JL 500/1 I give it 8/10 would give it a 9/10 accept there is a very small gouge on the lower right side shown in pics JL 300/4 I give it 6/10, there is quite a few scratches on the amp...
  2. first impression Zapco DC500.1 vs JL Audio 300/4

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    Warning, this review is purely subjective. I took no measurements other than those I was capable of experiencing via my somewhat abused ears and slightly addled brain. :rimshot: As you can tell by my post count, I am relatively new here. I am not, however, new to mid-high end audio and car...