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  1. Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.2 Digital Signal Processor with OEM Integration

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    Product Brand & Model: Fosgate 3SIXTY.2 Condition of all items: 9.9/10 Looks brand new. I've never used it. Has a small nick on the edge. Comes with everything pictured. I include a Palm Treo 650 that was working, now I'm seeing a boot loader rainbow screen, but I'm sure you can get it...
  2. Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.2 - Noise Floor Fix

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    I have heard alot of people say that one problem with the Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.2 is that it introduces a noise floor problem (an audible hiss). I had the same issue when I first installed mine. At first, I didn't really care too much since I have a convertible (= loud) and I couldn't hear...
  3. Rockford 360.2 - What is it worth?

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    I have a rockford 360.2 with a Dell x51v pda to control it. Photo Albums - Imgur As you can see in the picture, the front of the unit was lightly damaged when an installer from the local arizona chain, Audio Express, installed it into my friends vehicle. I have been using it for about a year...
  4. Silverado project

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I am about to build a audio system for my stock 2000 Chevy ext cab Silverado. I want to build a great sounding system somewhat loud and more SQ style. (not boom boom tweet tweet). 90% + of the music played will be heavy progressive intricate death metal, so I don’t want to miss any guitar...
  5. FS: BNIB Rockford 3Sixty.2 360.2 V2 and Palm

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    This is a BNIB still wrapped in plastic and not refurbished 360.2v2. The V2 signifies the new and improved version that has improved balanced differential inputs (for all you Honda and Acura guys) and also the improved Bluetooth interface that doesn't quit working all of the time. I bought...