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  1. Morel elate 603 feeler

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Good night everyone, hope all are staying safe, well im back after a really long time, family and job kept me away from the forum and car audio alltogether, some of you know how it goes. To not Make it too long I have a morel elate 6, 3 way como set I bought a number of years ago, from a forum...
  2. Help choose between two midranges for 3way

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    So the speakers I'm listing, I already have and can't afford to buy thing else right now. Gotta Use what I have to build this 3way front stage. So for the front stage on building: Highs - Dynaudio md102 (Recommended Frequency Range: 2200-30,000 , F(s): 1300) Midbass - HAT Legatia...
  3. Lexus IS250 starting point, general info help!!!

    General Car Audio Discussion
    hey all ive been inactive for quite a bit, but im in a new car now and request some assistance from whomever! so i totaled my 3er last week and now im in an 09 Lexus is250 non mark levinson with nav. so i ripped my ms8 out before copart took it... i was looking to completely rip the old system...
  4. New Member Intro

    New Member Introduction
    New Member Intro, South Africa Hi All, long time lurker here (4+ years) and finally decided to start posting. Based in South Africa I envy the access to quality installers and gear you guys in US have. :o I have family in Boston, MA and have picked up some good equipment over the years and...
  5. DIY Front 3 active

    General Car Audio Discussion
    DIY Front Stage 2007 Saab 93 Convertible :book2::book2::book2: Hi! Amazing forum! Been reading up on car audio on here for the last month and i feel I'm at a point now where i really could need some help/feedback. Please let me know if i posted in wrong forum. Ive attached an overview photo...
  6. JL C5-653 or Hertz HSK163 3-Way Comps

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I am currently running NVX XSP65KIT and I am just not happy withthe sound. I think it is part due to the oversize tweeter assembly with measure about 2 1/4 inches and only fits in the stock location for the 2.5 speakers in my Chrysler 200 I am looking to run something that still allows me you...
  7. 3-way front stage vs 2-way

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Help me out guys! My sub stage currently consists of a pair of Acoustic Elegance IB12s. Infinite baffled, of course. Front stage is rather weak, since I'm trying to move over from the SPL side. I have a set of Crossfire C5 coax and Digital Designs T1 tweeters in each door. I'm trying to decide...
  8. focal utopia "4 way" active tuning help

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hi all I'm running my stage off a p99rs. Fully active focal utopia no7 with a 21wx. Ive got the 21 going rolled off to 80, midbass 80 to 250, mids 250 to 3.15 tweets from here up roll off, everthing is on a 36db slope as I want as little overlap as possible. I have no frequency gap between any...
  9. Focal Utopia Be looking for new 6.5

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hiyall Im running focal utopia be 4 way active, the beryllium tweeter, 3w2 mid, and current the 6w2 mid, was looking at replacing it with the 6w3 (which its supposed to be) however Ive got a chance to make a direct trade on just about any 6.5 I want! So, the 6w3 was going to give me a bit more...
  10. 3way crossover. 2 amped channels (hsk163 and audison lrx5.1k)

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I am upgrading the audio in my bmw e39. I want it to look completely stock but sound the best it can. So far i have hertz hsk163 3 way components in the front doors running off an audison lrx5.1k. For the source i have a pure i20 ipod dock going through optical to an alpine pxa h700 processor. I...
  11. Focal Tbe damage

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hiya all I have a pair of Tbe tweeters for my car, one if them has 2 very small indents around the bowl of the tweeter. They're sort of based on the black surround but are definitely noticeable, even though slight, on the beryllium lip. There is no alteration or damage to the bowl of the...
  12. Focal utopia be running active, wrms

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Focal Utopia Be active power handling hiya, just a really quick q i hope someone can shed some light on. Ive been searching around for a while and its frikin hard to find a definitive answer on this! i have a pair of utopia 3w2, 6w2 and tbe tweeter. Im going to run these active of alpine f...
  13. WTB-Individual drivers for active 3-way SQ setup

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: ..Any Condition of all items: ..Prefer BNIB only or may be few months used Total Price: :b/w 300-700 Shipping Terms: :..inclu shipping to 48187 Guys looking forward to build SQ oriented warm,natural sounding with tight punchy bass 3-way active system for my...
  14. Coustic xm6 3 way crossover

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Coustic XM6 electronic xover Condition of all items: Previously installed, some cosmetic blems, never actually hooked up. Total Price: : $75 shipped Shipping Terms: : Pictures: - Additional info: may have original box lying around. additional shipping may...
  15. Fs: Pioneer DEH-P960MP HU 3way xover 13 band eq

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Great condition. Have the unit and manual. Needs wire harness which can be bought for $20-30 has Burr brown DAC $190 shipped