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    Product Brand & Model: Audison VRx 4.300.3 and VRx 1.500.2. Amps were purchased new from an authorized dealer. Made in Italy, each amp is a wonderfully made. VRx 4.300.2 4x110 into 4 ohm 2x350 into 4 ohm VRx 1.500.2 560x1 into 4 ohm 1080x1 into 2 ohm 2000x1 into 1 ohm Condition of all...
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    I never got around to using these amps and thought I'd hold onto them for a rainy day, but money issues have motivated me to sell. Prices are in US currency and include shipping to USA or Canada. EMT's are best (email money transfers). Send me a PM if you're interested and if that doesn't...