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800w @ 2ohm bridged

  1. Good 200-400 RMS sealed 12" subs - Anyone use DC Audio Level 1's?

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    I have a total of 800W available to me @ 2-ohms and would like to run 2 12" subs. My enclosures are 0.85 cu ft sealed (but I believe I can polyfill to create 1.0 cu ft) but with a max depth of 6.5". Considering I'll have 2 drivers, I'm sure I'll have as much SPL as I'll ever need, so the main...
  2. WTB:Audison 4.1,5.1 or similar spec amplifier

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    Product Brand & Model: Looking for Audison 4.1/5.1 or similar spec minimum 4 channel amplifier which is at least rated 500W @4ohm and 700-800W @2ohm bridged.The output can be anything for other two channels.So not looking for JL audio. Condition of all items: Mechanical 10/10 cosmetic can...