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  1. 3D-printed A-pillar Baffles - Focal PS 165 F3 [FLAX SERIES]

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi all, Here are some baffles I designed for a vehicle. It's a 3-way active setup using Focal's PS 165 F3 flax series. A 3D printed grille, not shown with its destined grille cloth, accompanies the baffles with small neodymium magnets to replace the need for Focal's grilles and extra mounting...
  2. Custom A Pillar Pods for Tesla X

    Fabrication, Tools & Tricks of the trade
    I am a newbie here but long time home audiophile delving into high end mobile audio. Decided to invest big bucks for high end audio for Model Tesla X because it's quiet and auto pilot will allow me to enjoy music with less stress on driving. Looking for nice design and fabrication of A pillar...
  3. Advice needed about front speakers in JBL MS-8 - 7.1 surround sound system

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I would like some opinions on my current system. I am upgrading my stereo in 2001 Lexus LX 470 (almost the same as a Toyota LandCruiser). This is the last year model with a non-navigation Mark Levinson factory system with 3 ways in the front doors. I am replacing the headunit, amplifiers and...
  4. Looking for mounting advice for Focal 7's in 2011 F350

    Fabrication, Tools & Tricks of the trade
    Hi all, I am doing an install in my '11 F350. The basics will be: 2 x Mosconi Zero 4's Focal no.7's JL stealthbox (under seat) Mosconi 6to8 Pioneer 8200 HU I think I will document each stage and post the progress here. I used hushmat to deaden the roof, doors, floor and rear bulkhead...
  5. A pillar VS. Dash board mounting

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Simple question- Can some of you SQ guru's who have tried it all tell me how mounting tweeters ( and maybe mids too) in A pillars would sound different then mounting the same said speakers in the dashboard facing up and reflecting off the glass? I'm looking to understand how the soundstage...