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  1. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Bought a used 2020 Jeep cherokee latitude. Had a sh*tty aftermarket h/u installed, but still had factory uconnect 4 7.0 in the back, and I like the features on it, so went to re-install OEM. THIS high speed I bought it from cut the harness and hardwired said sh*tbox in, so I have to hardwire oem...
  2. Equipment Repair and Modification
    I need some help getting pointed in the right direction with a stereo power situation. I want the HU to 1) power up when the door is opened remain powered while the vehicle is on (obviously). I then want it to 2) turn off only after the key has been removed AND the door is opened. I can think...
1-2 of 2 Results