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  1. time alignment, still confused

    General Car Audio Discussion
    OK I've read all I can find on this, and think I understand the basic principle of time alignment. Basically it adjusts the delay times from each speaker so that sounds meet simultaneously at the listener, I get that. But I'm a nerdy noobie, and I always make **** complicated so here goes...
  2. Precision time alignment using only noise tracks and your ears

    How-To Articles Provided by our members
    Introduction First of all, I’m not a professional, just someone who used to be obsessive about mobile audio. So, please forgive any misuse of terms or definitions. Digital time alignment (abbreviated as TA) was the driving force behind my first active system. Based on recommendations by this...
  3. Imprint tuning Alpine CDA-9887, How-to walkthrough

    How-To Articles Provided by our members
    My best imprint tuning advice would be to follow the directions, oddly enough. Set the gains on your component amp to 1/2, exactly 12 o'clock on the gain dial. Somehow imprint is designed to test the amplifiers gain sensitivity or something. I found cutting the sub amp gain to the lowest...
  4. help w/ dialing in time alignment

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    ok, so temporarily i'm using my oem midrange and tweeter drivers...mids located high in the doors, tweeters mounted in the sail panels. i've got l8 midbasses running in the doors below the mids and an idq-12 acoustically sealed to the cabin via the ski pass in between the rear seats. here is a...