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  1. Alpine F1 Status HU, Processor, Monitor, Focal 13WS sub, Milbert Bam 230

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    Product Brand & Model: ALPINE PXI-H990 F1 Status Processor, ALPINE DVI-9990R and Alpine TMI-M990 monitor Milbert BAM 230 FOCAL UTOPIA 13WS 5 inch SUBWOOFERS (pair) Condition of all items: Alpine F1 - 8/10 Milbert Bam 230 - 9/10 Focal - brand new Total Price: : Alpine F1 - $2400 obo...
  2. Pioneer DEH-80PRS, Scanspeak D2904-600001, Alpine MRX-V60, Seas Neo, Silver Flute

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    Product Brand & Model: 1. Pioneer DEH-80PRS 2. Scanspeak D2904-600001 Tweeters (Same as old Alpine F1, but w/o grill) 3. Alpine MRX-V60 5-Channel Amp 4. SEAS Prestige 27TAFNC/G (H1397) 1" Aluminum Dome Tweeters 5. Silver Flute W17RC38-04 6.5" Woofer Wool Cone - 4 ohm 6. KnuKonceptz - 4 gauge...
  3. WTB: Alpine F1 Status, CDA-7990R and PXA-H900,

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    Product Brand & Model: WTB: Alpine F1 Status, CDA-7990R and PXA-H900 Condition of all items: At least good condition, with no beaten LCD, prefered excellent condition. Total Price: : All offers should be made via PM Shipping Terms: : Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or...
  4. FS: Alpine F#1 Tweeters

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    I had a bunch of F#1 Sets over the next couple of years. I am trying to clean the garage out and get rid of stuff that I will never use. These units had a small repair as the tinsel lead came out of the bracket. They both work now at 100% and sound awesome. Madisound has the scan versions for...
  5. Alpine F#1 Passive Crossovers - 3 Way

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    Model Number SPX-Z18T These Passives where used in my Audi before I got enough amps to go fully active. They are probably the BEST passive crossover out there. A ton of work went into them and there are a ton of features in these crossovers. They were never abused. Powered with 125 watts...
  6. Alpine F#1 Passive Crossovers - 2 Way

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    Model Number: SPX-Z15M Used just to test to make sure that they work. Missing one screw in the top cover, but otherwise in pristine shape. They work 100% and would work well with Alpine F#1 Drivers or the Scan Equivalent Drivers. Can be Bi-Amped and have a bunch of on or off axis controls in...
  7. FS: Alpine SPX Z18T Crossovers

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    More Details on Alpine's Website. They also work well with the raw ScanSpeak Drivers. AlpineF#1Status | Products > SPX-Z18T Work 100%. Some VERY light scratches on the top, but in awesome condition. Asking 200 Shipped.