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alpine mrp-f300

  1. Bi amp crossover wiring... HELP NEEDED

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    For my fronts I'm installing a set of components Focal PS 165Fx 6 3/4. 4ohms Powered By Alpine MRV-F300 50W RMS *4 @4ohms 75W RMS *4 @2ohms My question is, if I do not bi amp, and I bridge the channels together, what do I do with the jumpers that are installed in the crossover? In what...
  2. QUICK QUESTION - Mixed Impedances On The Same Amp??

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I have an Alpine MRP-F300 four channel, specs say it can do 50w at 4 ohms and 75w at 2 ohms. I'm running my active two way setup with this amp. My tweeters are 4 ohm and mid bass are 2 ohm (2.2 to be exact). My question is: Since the amp is stable at two and four ohms, can I use two of the...
  3. Different impedances on the same amp?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Ive always wondered if this will work or if the amp will commit suicide. Specifically, taking a Alpine MRP-F300 and have channels 1/2 running on a 2 ohm load, while channels 3/4 are running on a 4 ohm load. Anyone know anything on this subject?