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  1. 4 8 inch subs or 2 10 inch subs in 2018 F150?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I can't decide on my subwoofer setup in my 2018 F150. I'm debating between four 8" Alpine Type Rs in a sealed box or two 10" Alpine Type Rs in a ported box. What would you guys recommend? I will be powering the setup with a Rockford Fosgate R2-1200X1. The birthsheet that came with the amp...
  2. I want to disturb the peace!

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I want it to hurt, I wanna set off car alarms, I want to drive by people's homes and rattle pictures frames! I WANT A NOISE COMPLAINT! Current build is 2- alpine type r 12 swr-d4 Power acoustik 5500.1d BAMF Q Bomb ported encloure Zero gauge wiring and a cheap touchscreen double din head unit...
  3. Help choosing car audio system

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I'm helping my younger brother install a sound system in his 1984 Grand Prix he inherited. The car is completely stock. He is on a tight budget but wants a full clean sound system. The stock radio and one 4x10 dash speaker isn't cutting it. So here is where I need help. I am looking at 3...
  4. Alpine Type R recone

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey guys.. Tore down one of my old Type R's recently and found that the coil is cooked. Ended up finding out that the only place you can get a coil/recone kit is from I did a little reading, and I've done plenty of drop ins before... but the kit that I ordered is a...