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  1. Two Different RMS Ratings.. Which to choose?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I'm installing my components, their specs give two different RMS ratings (JBL GTO609C). Spec sheet says: Power Handling Continuous Average: 90W's Recommended Amp RMS Power Range: 5W-200W and Peak Power Handling: 270W. My amp will do 100W per channel, but I could bridge it so I can get 200W's...
  2. How much headroom will burn a speakers???

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Okay...i've been considering to do this for many days but still dint do it, afraid of burning my speakers the moment I do I think I should ask here for advice first.... Here is the situation.... My HU is a Clarion HX-D2, now playing 3 ways. Both my tweeter and mid are on the A...