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amp wiring

  1. Nakamichi PA506 amp connection ?'s

    Old School Car Audio Discussion
    So, I inherited a Nakamichi PA506 amp and a nakamichi 10" sub that I just installed in my truck, but I have no manuals to go with it. I connected the fused power lead directly to the battery, grounded it to the chassis, and connected the blue remote lead from the head unit. Got the input...
  2. how to run from head unit to amps???

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    My head unit's manual only had diagrams for normal mode, 2 way mode, and 3 way mode, which I am attaching photos of. My question is how specifically do I run it the way I have it shown in the other picture?? With the complexity of systems today, I'm sure this is doable but I haven't found...