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  1. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hi , I recently purchased the D-4.800 Amp, i got it installed and everything seemed working but I noticed that my speakers bring distortion in the low frequency only,i wanted to set my gain the correct way using a multimeter i wanted to read 18.9 volts at the speakers output as my speakers JBL...
  2. Car Audio Classifieds
    Up for sale are these two beautiful woofers both 4 ohm. Message me to arrange shipping. There is some slight scratching at the mounting holes. These really are spectacular but I need to sell these for trunk space . Perimeter lined with Resonix CCF You can buy separately but I’d prefer to sell...
    $310 USD
  3. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey guys! How is everyone today? I got a question and need some answers from some experts! So I just redid my sound system in my car. All new speakers, a new amp, and a subwoofer to pair with the amp. Wired my whole car up. Took my time and made sure everything was right. Plugged it into my...
  4. Car Audio Classifieds
    Used for about a year. Functional as new. Used on an active 2 way. Selling because I am redoing my amp rack and need an Amp with RCA and power on the same side for real estate.
    $200 USD
  5. Car Audio Classifieds
    description: FS: memphis audio 16-MJ5.1400 m-class 5ch amp condition: used, 9/10 price: $400 shipped i have extensive feedback on ebay over twenty years and paypal with verified seller accounts all around. pm me for my ebay handle. i have 100% positive feedback. shipping: included. i will...
    $400 USD
  6. Car Audio Classifieds
    Selling a brand new in box D'amore Engineering E350.2 amp. I bought it directly from D'amore's website. Only opened box to inspect contents and take pictures. I'm selling it to fund another project. $220 shipped to US.
    $220 USD
  7. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    New guy here. I recently installed a Rockville powered 12" sealed sub box in the trunk just to give my stock system a little missing low end. For what it is, it actually gets the job done. I got everything dialed in and it sounds pretty good. However, I can't run it too long before the thermo...
  8. Car Audio Classifieds
    I am looking to buy a helix V eight, hoping to find one used and from a reputable seller so I can save some money
    $1 USD
  9. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hey, Question for the experts. Firstly, here is my setup for subs. Two 12W3v3-4. I believe they were bought in 2015. I have a Phoenix Gold SD1300.1. It is rated at RMS Power 14.4Vdc ≤ 1% THD 900 x 1 @ 2 ohms 1300 x 1 @ 1 ohm Dynamic Power 14.4Vdc >1% THD 1200 x 1 @ 2 ohms...
  10. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hey all, I run a single channel amp to my 600 watt Punch subwoofer, the amp is a Fosgate R2-500x1. I used to be able to crank the audio and have a large amount of bass, but recently when I turn the audio up above 20 (out of 40) the bass will play for 1 second, then cut out for about 3 seconds...
  11. Car Audio Classifieds
    Mono Sub woofer Amp ESL1100.1 Rated power 1200W RMS Clocked by RXZiller (TX) AT 1334 W at 11.9V Strappable [email protected] at 2 ohm Original cost $389 shipping depends ob your location Questions to [email protected] or through site. New in sealed box. Photos from same amp used in an install before I...
    $150 USD
  12. General Car Audio Discussion
    I've always heard about the legend Gordon Taylor and his amp mods on the forum. Are there any others that you would trust to mod your amps? He is the only one I've ever seen people talk about. So this is partly curiosity and partly me wanting to have my mosconi zeros modded and not knowing...
  13. Car Audio Classifieds
    Brand new, never used. Only opened to inspect. Helix M Six 6 x 100 watt amp that is bridgeable to 200 watts x 3. This thing is small for its power output. Comes complete in original box with paper work. Ships free to anywhere in the US48
    $420 USD
  14. Car Audio Classifieds
    Still for sale! Audiofrog GB15 $300 Or will trade for GB40s All gently used in original box.
    $0 USD
  15. For Sale Zapco c2k-9.0xd

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Zapco c2k-9.0xd in good shape. Beast of an amp it just needs a symbilink which can be easily obtained for cheap. These amps don't have rcas built in so they use a symbilink which gives a more balanced and clean signal from the head unit to the amp or you can get the symbilink cable for $18-$28...
    $700 USD
  16. General Car Audio Discussion
    I recently got a a 8" Memphis Mojo and I need suggestions on what kind of amp I should run with it.
  17. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi all! I am looking at making my own audio amplifier. I'm kind of new to this, so have a lot of questions: What is signal to noise ratio? What is dynamic range? What is output integrated noise? What is total harmonic distortion + noise? I'm looking at the two spec sheets attached. Which...
  18. Car Audio Classifieds
    Looking for a good operational condition MC440. Saw that a few have been sold on here before. Would like to purchase one not from overseas. Pm me for price discussion
    $1 USD
  19. Car Audio Classifieds
    The JL Audio VX1000/5i works as it should, just has broken optical input/output doors. The actual optical input/output works itself, you just have to glue/silicone the cable in place to hold it in position. Will also come with brand new accessories such as the speaker connector/sub...
    $1,050 USD
  20. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I need advice on a few choices for amps. Currently I have a pioneer dmh-1500nex head unit, a skar rp2000 amp with 8 gauge speaker wire and 0 gauge 100% copper welding wire. I have that powering a skar zvx-12v2 (1500w rms, 3000w max) wired to 1 ohm fit into a box tuned to 34hz. I want a better...
1-20 of 310 Results