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  3. Car Audio Classifieds
    ITEM BRAND & MODEL #:Apple Car Connection - Apple to Optical (New) CONDITION: (New 10-10) PRICE: $ 65.00 PAYPAL: INCLUDED SHIPPING: INCLUDED ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: There are three pieces that are required to connect from an Apple device to an optical signal, retailing out to $110.00...
  4. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    I'm running a Pure i-20 home audio dock optical into my BitTen as my only source. I love the dock but came across a write up a few days ago about Apple's AirPlay that I peaked my interest and wondered if anyone has done it before with good results. Take an airport express, modify it to accept...
  5. General Car Audio Discussion
    F150 Center Console Custom Apple / Alpine 12 Sub Ordered the components to build out my 2005 F150 XLT sound system. Alpine and Apple Electrics all the way PDX-V9 900 watt 5 channel amp PXA-800 Digital Signal Processor RUX-C800 DSP Command Module SWR-12 Sub "12D4" SPR-60C 6.5 Front...
  6. Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Apple iPhone 16GB Black AT&T Condition of all items: Used but in excellent condition Total Price: : $300 shipped Shipping Terms: : Priority Mail Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10 iTrader feedbacks are positive, you must post a...
1-6 of 6 Results