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  1. Car Pc & Tablet Installation Forum
    I am testing the new APTX HD protocol with my Samsung tablet. It promise to delivery streming audio in 48kHz/24 bit. Technically better than CD. Let's talk about it, could be a good wireless alternative. Someone with experiences out there?
  2. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi guys, After a long research (extensive in this forum too) about how I could get Flac audio AND Bluetooth with Apt-x codex, finally I found a pretty convenient solution to what I want. I must say there are many others ways to achieve this, but all they are expensive and not always fully...
  3. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    The thing is that I'm running an old shcool Alpine 9815, and I love it... but I really miss the bluetooth streaming feature. (Not for calls, just music). By the way, I haven't changed my HU yet because all the units I have seen (with similar sound features than my Alpine) can stream music...
  4. Car Audio Truth, Myths & Industry Dogma
    What is the best bluetooth dongle with aptx support to be used with Samsung S4 and a sound processor. Both coax and optical solutions are of interest.
  5. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I've been a big fan of Bluetooth since its initial launch, but it's always been a mediocre performer. Between compression technologies yielding low bitrates and poor marketing, bluetooth seems like it's only ever been a solution for convenience and not performance (and it's no wonder there's not...
1-5 of 5 Results