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  1. Audio Art 240.4XE user manual

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    Anyone with user manual? A friend of mine is searching even on the web, but no results so far... Thank you!
  2. Change of plan sale - Sinfoni, Rainbow, Audison, Hertz, Oz Audio Superman, Audio Art

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    I decided to go a different way with my system so time to pass on the extra gear. There are some nice items here that hopefully find new homes soon. Product Brand & Model: 1. Sinfoni Amplitude 45.2x 2. Audio Art 120.2xe 3. Oz Audio 250L 4. Rainbow Profi 10" 5. 10" fiberglass sub enclosure...
  3. AudioArt 240.4XE, 140.4XE All in near mint condition. LOW PRICES.

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    Product Brand & Model: A- AudioArt 240.4XE B- AudioArt 140.4X C- AudioArt 140.4X THE LAST TWO ARE NOT XE, they are just X models. SORRY for the wrong thead title. Condition of all items: As always refer to pictures as everyone has different opinions on what is "mint/near mint/almost...
  4. F/S Alpine CDA-7998 deadhead and Audio Art AEC-450 4 way x-over

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    Product Brand & Model: 1. Alpine CDA-7998 2. Audio Art AEC-450 Condition of all items: 1. Very good, buttons show no wear as I have only used this unit for a total of about 2 years since I got it and the majority of the time the remote was used instead of head unit buttons. EQ button does...