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  1. Audio Control LC2i line output converter

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    Product Brand & Model: Audio Control LC2i 2 channel line output converter Condition of all items: Very good, used for only 3 weeks. Some slight scratches on the face and edges. Total Price: : $70 shipped Shipping Terms: : shipping included in price. Pictures: - Unless you are a...
  2. Do I need a capacitor or high power alternator?

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I got a 14 Malibu. Keeping the mylink head unit, installing audio control dq-61 with jl 1000/1 and 300/4. my question is..... Do I have to upgrade charging system or put another battery in there? Everyone keeps telling me the 1000/1 will pull to much power.? Appreciate feedback Thanks.
  3. Morel Ultimo, Audio Control 24SX, Hertz Mille ML2500

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    New lower prices. Last chance before they go up on fleabay. Morel Ultimo 10" 4 ohm / Used 9/10 / $495.00 Shipped Hertz Mille ML 2500 10" / Used 9/10 / $345.00 Shipped Audio Control 24SX / Used 7.5/10 / $60.00 Shipped Please check out the pictures to see the condition of the items. I...
  4. Typo's Sub/Amp Build and Install

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    The skinny: • Truck: 2013 1500 Express Regular Cab Short Box 2WD • Head Unit: Stock uConnect 3.0 • Mids and Highs: Stock (possible upgrade later) • Amp: Kicker CX1200.1 (to be purchased next week) • Sub: 12" Eclipse Aluminum Cone (discontinued) • Line Out (LOC): AudioControl LC2i • Wiring: 4...
  5. WTS: Bit Ten with SRC controller MINT

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    Product Brand & Model: Audison Bit Ten with dRC Controller Condition of all items: mint, I would say new, many parts still sealed but I did test fit the bit ten unit- controller is still sealed as are cables, manual, cd, ets Total Price: : 500 shipped obo Shipping Terms: : USPS-Fedex...

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    Product Brand & Model: 1. Arc Audio XEQ 7 Channel EQ with Direct Sub input. 2. Audio Control Matrix 3. Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty Line Driver 4. 4 Nichicon Super Through KG(M) Capacitors 6800uf 63V Condition of all items: 1.Functionality 10/10 Cosmetically 7.5/10. Has some blemishes on the...
  7. AudioControl DQX - Digital EQ and Crossover

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    Product Brand & Model: AudioControl DQX - Digital EQ and XO Key Features Digital Car Audio Equalizer and Crossover Two Input and Six Output Channels Thirty Graphic Equalization Controls per Channel Two Fully Adjustable Parametric Equalization Controls per Channel Three-way Digital...
  8. FS JL, Audio Control, Soundstream

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    Product Brand & Model: 1. JL Slash 300/4 v1 PENDING 2. JL Slash 300/2 v1 PENDING 3. JL Slash 250/1 v2 4. Audio Control EQL grey (concert series) PENDING 5. Audio Control 2xs White (concert series) 6. Audio Control 2xs White (concert series) PENDING 7. Soundstream DigiQ (7 band digital eq +...
  9. Morel 5 ways, Linear power, audio control, Nakamichi

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    I went on a buying spree back in November 2009 & all this equipment has never been hooked up by me. This is all quality equipment but I want rims on my new ride & will try to wait on a “proper” system. I’ve got a Nakamichi PA-2002 from the good old days. It is in great shape $115. This kills me...
  10. Audio control EQT pair 30 band 1/3 octave EQ's

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    Up for sale is my pair of 30 band EQT equalizers. One is a 9/10 cosmetically with very clean face (back has some scratches). The other is a 7.5 or 8. The two closeup pics are of the same unit and the worst of the scratches on the face. Both units function perfectly. They both also have the...