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  1. Car Audio Classifieds
    For sale: Hertz ML 1800.3’s and MP 28.3’s I purchased these for my 93’ Rx7 and decided to it’s time to sell while the JDM market is hot. Both sets are brand new in the box with the original manufacturer packaging. You can goto for detailed speaker information and parameters...
    $900 USD
  2. Car Audio Classifieds
    Hi all, I have for sale practically brand new Audison bit Play HD SSD - MULTIMEDIA PLAYER + SSD 370GB. The only missing part is WIFI dongle which is inexpensive to find. looking to get $500 shipped to lower 48 states. Pm me with questions or offer
    $500 USD
  3. Car Audio Classifieds
    Never removed from the wrap , Focal components PS165V1
    $320 USD
  4. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi I’m newbie here without much knowledge of car HiFi. I would like your advice please. I’ve “Audison” kits ready for my F55 Mini Cooper S 5 doors’ 22 ( see pic) excepted the Sub woofer to install under the rear of car boot. Someone recommended the Audison Prima APBX 8 AS 2 Baby Active...
  5. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Looking at replacing the factory amp in my Mk7 GLI with the beats system. I tried the Kenwood XR600-6DSP and couldn't get any phone to connect to it which is the only way to tune and set it up. I don't want to replace the factory speakers at this point but do want to run a active 3 way system...
  6. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hi Guys and Gals, here's what I have so far: 1. Audison AP F8.9 9 channel amp with DSP 2. JL audio 250/1 3. Pioneer Pioneer AVH-4200NEX 4. 3 way front hertz speakers, rear fill and JL audio 10" W3 V3 subwoofer Here's my setup: Headunit front and rear to 9 channel Audison. 8 channels full...
  7. Car Audio Classifieds
    Hi All, I recently bought this DSP however I end up buying Audison AP F8.9 to make my install simpler. DSP is fully functional. No DRC, only unit and cable to computer. I am also looking to trade with: 1. Audison DRC MP(preferable) or AB plus cash on your end 2. JL audio 10 inch sub with...
    $350 USD
  8. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hello everyone Just got a almost-mint VrZ 4.400 amplifier Unfortunately it came without a manual. If someone has a PDF / DOC manual of this (or even scans of an actual manual) - that would be certainly a great help Appreciated & thank you very much
  9. General Car Audio Discussion
    Guys and Gals, I have Audison SR5 5ch amp, 2 front, 2 rear and 1 sub. I'm about to install Hertz HSK 3 way speakers. its HT28 (1.2KHZ -22KHZ), HL70 (200HZ-14KHZ) and HV165XL (40HZ-22KHZ) so I'm thinking below options: 1. Run 3ch amp mode. 1 ch for sub, 2 ch passive for Midbass, midrange and...
  10. System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hi Looking for midranges, preferably 3 inch, price tag max $200 / pair. System now is with 2 way active JBL Club 605csq (6.5 inch woofer @90W Rms and silk some jbl tweeter). Sub Audison Prima APS 10D in custom box. Amps Pioneer 8704 (4x 150W @ 2Ohm) and Pioneer 8701 (sub 1x 500W @2 Ohm)...
  11. Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hello. Got Audison Prima APS 10 D. Manufacturer says it is optimum "from" 10 to 12 liters. Now, however their recommended enclosure in the manual states dimensions 462x300x106 mm with 16 mm thickness which gives me after driver displacement just 7.4l. Calculated Qtc 1.114, F(3) 53.8Hz. Put the...
  12. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello! I’m pogo, I’m new here, pleased to meet you! I’ll cut right to the chase. I come asking for advice, I will try to be as concise as possible: - just bought a new car, Toyota GR yaris. It runs a fairly crap system with 2ways up front and a pair of “fullranges” out back. 2ways are...
  13. Car Audio Classifieds
    Audison Voce AV3.0 - used - great condition Set does not include metal grilles, only plastic grilles. Includes shipping cost to continental US. Payment via VENMO only. Feedback...
    $130 USD
  14. Car Audio Classifieds
    These are very crisp, clean sounding 2way comp speakers and can handle 300watts of power. These are BRAND NEW IN THE BOX. the price will include shipping with the U.S. paid originally $1600, asking for $1300 shipped + PayPal fees Here are the specs: Diamond Audio HXP65 HEX Pro Series 6.5"...
    $1,300 USD
  15. Car Audio Classifieds
    Hello everyone. I have these items that I want to sell or trade with (possibly) a 5 channel car amplifier. I'm looking at something that has at least 70W RMS. Some pics don't have a date in the name "tag", I took them yesterday and I forgot to write it on the first ones I made. The prices are...
  16. Old School Car Audio Discussion
    I have two Audison Sedici amplifiers that have not been powered up since 2003 until now. We have lights but no sound. I bought them new in 1995ish. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I can have them repaired? Thanks [email protected]
  17. General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi! I already have audison forza 8.9 amp and it made a world of difference to sound quality and spl but I need stronger woofers to take more advantage of power this amp has. Right now I have audison ap165 tho it can get pretty loud at some frequencies to actually feel the pressure in my chest I...
  18. Car Audio Classifieds
    I have been going through my small collection of audio equipment that I'm not using &/or have replaced with different equipment. These never made it to an install & only came out of the box to pose for some pictures. Audison K6 2-way component set with crossover (for 6.5" midbass & 1.1" tweet)...
  19. General Car Audio Discussion
    I have a 2011 volvo XC70 with high performance audio system, I want to know if the audison bit dmi works in this type of vehicle with the most optical system, or if someone has already installed this type of car
  20. Car Audio Classifieds
    I bought this when I still had my se before it got totaled. Just arrived and can’t use it on my autobahn. This is an upgraded system consisting of plug and play wiring for the non fender stereo, replacement door woofers, an amp that is tuned for the golf/gti mk7, and a 10” sub that fits under...
1-20 of 166 Results