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  1. Audiocontrol amp and Audison DSP question???

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I finally finished installing my audio system and ran into a hiccup. Its consists of an Audiocontrol Epiccenter 1200 sub amp and the Audison APF8.9 active off the factory head unit. For some reason I have no audio going to my subs. I've checked by metering the speaker output off the amp and...
  2. First Build- went deep 2001 Audi S4 (Focal, Mosconi, Audison, Illusion)

    Build Logs & Project Install Gallery
    Alright for a bit of background, I have always been into music but never really car audio. My car interests have always been performance oriented and that was that. Recently i had a rear decklid speaker dust cap pop off and it was driving my crazy so I decided to do something about it. This is...
  3. 2016 BMW M3 with H/K system (MOST) upgrade ideas

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hey all, looking to see if the system components im thinking of putting in make sense for my H/K system upgrade or there is a better option based on quality for less money. I’m budgeting 5k on this. Was starting out with thinking straight Audison’s plug and play solution Audison bit-DMI Audison...
  4. Nevermind part 2

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Gonna use my amp, thx
  5. Audison AV5.1K amplifier / Audison Bit One (SOLD)

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Up to sell is the Audison AV5.1k / Audison Bit One as a combo. The Audison av5.1k five channels amplifier comes with the Bit In digital interface which works perfect with Bit One DSP. Asking $800 for a combo price, can separate. PM me or text me at 415-527-7121 if interested. Willing to ship at...
  6. Audison AV 5.1k HD

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Hello All, Audison AV 5.1k HD for sale. Used amp for roughly 3 months and decided to go a different route. Comes with everything in photos. In perfect working condition. Asking $850obo + Shipping Specs: Load Imp. 5 Channels 4 Ohm 75 W x 2 + 140 W x 2 + 600 W x 1 4/2 Ohm 75 W...
  7. FS: Audison bit One w/DRC (Atlanta, GA) - Authorized, No Missing Parts/Wiring

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Audison bit One 8-Channel DSP with DRC Condition of All Items: Used for around 8-months in an SQ build. Works perfectly. All wiring that it came with is included. Manual and software CD are included (although you should get updated software from Audison's website)...
  8. Amp suggestion

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Looking for an amp suggestion to finish off build. Here is what I have at the moment: Alpine PDX-V9 will run 3" + 6.5" and subs Focal PS165F3 (Flax) w/tweeters and 3" mids in A pillars, 6.6" in doors w/fast rings JBL GTO (can't remember model)or Hertz ESK165 comps in rear doors (I have both sets...
  9. Audison AP8.9 Bit and AP S8-4

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi, I have two 4ohms underseat woofers (APBMW S8-4). Its rms is 150W and max is 300W. The amp +dsp that i am looking at is AP8.9. It has 8 channels. It can do 8ch of 35W at 4ohms or two channels can be bridged to do 130W at 4ohms. So question is 1 ch at 35W to each of the underseat woofers...
  10. Helix DSP.2 Questions in 2012 Ram

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Components are in a 2012 Ram 2500. Uconnect 430n Audison Bit Ten JL HD600/4 Active to DLS Iridium 6.2's (6.5" and 1" two way) JL HD1200/1 Running to 2 Sundown SA-12 I'm interested in replacing the Bit Ten with a DSP.2 and keeping all the other components. The idea would be to later have the...
  11. Audison Bit Ten D

    Just listed my used Audison Bit Ten D. Removed from my last vehicle, Ford Edge and never installed into my S550 Mustang. There is a little bend to the cover over the AD link ports, where my back seats rested on the cover, but did not affect the performance of the unit. Used the DRC for about a...
  12. Audison VRX 300.4 and Mosconi AS200.4

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Audison VRX 300.4 Mosconi AS200.4 Condition of all items: Audison VRX : Very good condition - 100% functionality Mosconi AS200.4 : Cosmetic 7/10 - 100% functionality Total Price: : Audison VRX - $500 local pick up 550$ shipped anywhere else Mosconi AS200.4: $500...
  13. FS: Audison Voce AV12

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Audison Voce AV12 Condition of all items: Like New Total Price: $400, will consider reasonable offers: Shipping Terms: Buyer pays actual shipping costs: Pictures: [/url]AV12-1 by moguitarman76, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]AV12-2 by moguitarman76, on Flickr[/IMG]...
  14. audison bit one hd / thesis amp mods

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Dear Friends, I am new the car hifi but myself i learned alot after i started it. I know there was a mod for bit one for op amps to have better sound quality and i wonder if there is anything available for bit one hd? Any kind either? Because audison used the modified bit one op amps in the bit...
  15. Audison Bit One & output voltages

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hello Friends, Been a while since I posted here. I've been busy but I decided to pick up my old hobby again. I was hooked up with some excellent stuff. Got myself an Audison Bit One DSP for just $100, and some other stuff. Rockford T1500bcp for just $200. Now, I've got some kind of Android...
  16. Pioneer AVH-X5800/5850 or Audison Bit Ten?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    My current ride is a Kia Forte. I had replaced the factory fitted speakers on my new ride with Rainbow Audio's DL-6.2 for the front and DL-X6 for the rear, but I retained the factory fitted stereo set. Added a 4-channel amplifier and a Pioneer underseat subwoofer. The setup is fully passive...
  17. Gladen, Ground Zero, Helix, PHD

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Gladen Audio RS 150C2 Two Channel Amplifier Gladen XL250c2 Two Channel Amplifier Helix Esprit E62C 6.5 Inch Component Set Ground Zero GZUC 650SQX 6.5 Inch Component Set PHD FB 6.1 KIT PRO 6.5 Inch Component Set Condition of all items: Gladen Audio RS 150C2 Two...
  18. Rainbow Germanium GL-C6.2 vs. Audison Voce AV K6

    Member Reviews & Product Comparisons
    Been looking at these two sets of speakers. Both have won the EISA European In-Car Speaker System (Audison 2010-11, Rainbow 2014-15) Both I can get for the same price. Any set can be powered from 75-150rms. Which one would you pick?
  19. FS: Audison Voce 10" Subwoofer w/grille & LED (2 available)

    Car Audio Classifieds
    FS: Audison Voce 10" Subwoofer w/grille & LED (2 available) Product Brand & Model: Audison Voce 10" subwoofers (x2), sold as each or as a pair. High-end SQ subs! - includes matching grilles with custom under-mounted blue LED lighting Condition of all items: Subwoofers are...
  20. Audison prima ap4.9 bit upgrade to Mosconi gladen one 130.4 dsp ?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I've got front and rear focal k2 power components (front 165kr2, rear 165kr to be exact) powered with audison ap4.9 bit amplifier. I am happy with the setup but just wondering what if I upgraded my audison 4.9 bit to newly released mosconi gladen one 130.4 dsp ?? Would I get sound quality...