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  1. Autotek 99 - Strange repair by previous owner

    Equipment Repair and Modification
    Hi guys. At first i must admit that English is not my native language. I know its not at good level, but i hope you can understand what i mean. I recently bought an Autotek 99 car amplifier, made by Zed Audio 1994. (The PCB board tell us its Revision C which i cant find on google image) It...
  2. Old Autotek Amp Worth Anything?

    Old School Car Audio Discussion
    Hello All, I have an old Autotek amp and I am trying to see if it is worth anything. The model is 7054 btx and it is from the bass thrust series. I don't know a whole lot about this amp. It came installed in a 1988 Mustang I had about 11 years ago. What do you guys think? I would like to...
  3. Looking for Info: Autotek 500.s and 600.s amps

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hey guys, I recently bought a lot of gear to get my hands on some Image Dynamics IDQ V1's locally from a guy at a hot rod shop. In the lot were two old Autotek amps I hadn't seen before, a 500.s and a 600.s. The amps are both in good shape, and have this interesting flush mounting style so the...
  4. Looking for manual for old school amps

    Old School Car Audio Discussion
    Hello everybody, Im looking for info about this Old school Amps: Autotek 333, Autotek 330mx, Cadence A7 Sweet Poison, Cadence Esx 120.4 Cadence 272.2 Has anyone? or know where I can find manuals? Thanks!
  5. FS: Cheap Amps & Old-School Processors that need some T.L.C.! (PG, Autotek, AC,SS...)

    Car Audio Classifieds
    FS: Cheap Amps & Old-School Processors that need some T.L.C.! (PG, Autotek, AC,SS...) Product Brand & Model: 1. Phoenix Gold TEQP4 Parametric Equalizer 2. Soundstream Rubicon 702 Amp 3. Infinity 611a Mono Amp 4. Rockford Prime 150.2 Amp 5. Autotek FX-5a Crossover 6. Audiocontrol EQL...
  6. Gargantuous "AUTOTEK MEAN MACHINE, OLD SKOOL" 401

    Craigs List Ads
    Gargantuous "AUTOTEK MEAN MACHINE, OLD SKOOL" 401 Located in Rhode Island As with all amps of this nature, from this area, always used to push 4 10" EVs Contact Gucci @ 4016037950 Old School
  7. Old school Autotek 99 Mean Machine (Zed Audio )

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: Autotek 99 Mean Machine Solid little amp, well taken care of. It was NEVER abused and only pushing 2 -12's for a short time. Been sitting in my closet for a while. I intended on using it, but it does not seem like it's going to happen. So before it goes on ebay, I...
  8. Autotek 333 & 80MXi, Fultron CX-1635, Fuses - No Reserve

    I am selling the following items on E-Bay. The amps are in GREAT condition. The terminals are pristine. They were pulled from a working system nearly 10 years ago and have been resting comfortably in my closet ever since. Auctions will end Saturday, August 28th. Autotek 333 Autotek 80MXi...
  9. Pioneer DEH-P6900UB HU, Autotek Street Machines SX-2150 AMP

    Car Audio Classifieds
    1) Pioneer DEH-P6900UB Head Unit - $125 SHIPPED Pioneer USA - DEH-P6900UB Refurb unit I bought about 2 yrs ago. Just recently picked up an Eclipse CD7000 to go active so I have no use for this anymore. Really nice deck, gave me no issues whatsoever in the past couple of years. I did not use...
  10. This Blows My Mind... Zed Made Rodek Crossover, ???

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Alright, this story starts off with me buying a OLD California-made Autotek FX-5A crossover from a guy that bought it brand new in California and still resides there. When I contacted him and asked him about shipping the item he said he would throw in another active crossover he had laying...
  11. Feeler Thread, Zapco And Autotek Old School

    Car Audio Classifieds
    So I took a trip to my partents to visit dug up some Rare Old School Car Audio Amplifiers. I will post real photos when I get back in town for proof of ownership. First Item is a Zapco Z400C4-SL Fully Balanced 4 channel Amplifier 1 ohm Stable. with 2 brand new SymbiLink Input Adapters (40.00...