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  1. Noob question regarding mids

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Hi there DIYMA, I give you fair warning, I'm new to all this stuff (probably obvious :D). Anyways, the setup: -98 Civic -Polk MM6501's up front -DXi690's in rear -Alpine MRV-F300 -Pioneer DEH-something HU The issue is the 6501's. They sound like crap - as if I put paper cups around the...
  2. One component speaker distorted/bad sounding

    General Car Audio Discussion
    So I've had these JBL ms 52c component speakers hooked up in my car for a few months now and have worked and sounded great for all that time until out of nowhere one day, the tweeter on the passenger side sounded horrible. It sounds distorted, buzzy, fuzzy, and like it is being ripped as it...
  3. Static shock when i exit the car?

    General Car Audio Discussion
    When i get out of my car and go to shut the door i get a shock. Is this due to a bad ground on the amp?
  4. Not too bad

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