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  1. The Big 3 Upgrade

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I know this topic has been done a few times, i just had a quick question as im about to do it when my 180 amp alt comes in. My battery is side mounted and am going to convert it to post with a quick adapter, My question is, with this little adapter, am i going to loose any power the my new alt...
  2. A little help with amps, alternator and all that junk.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    So, I'd like some opinions. I just picked up a Rockford Fosgate Punch 400-4 for a killer deal, I practically robbed it. Got a refurb for 139.99. Not to shabby. I also picked up Phoenix Gold Rsd 6x9s and 5.25 component set. They are rated for 60 wrms each. I will be getting all of this shortly...
  3. Battery help

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I am trying to choose a battery(s) needed to finish my install in my boat. Currently I have two group 27 Interstate Marine batteries on a selector switch that allows me to choose both batteries individually or combine them both. I do 85% of my listening with the engine off and need a good cell...
  4. Electrical for 1200wrms in 2010 jetta

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I got a 2010 jetta on a lease so cant do much under the hood :worried: I currently am gettin a Pierce audio wmd 10 d2 in a ported box and running it off a panasonic amp pushing 380wrms bridged with a 2 farad cap which kept voltage in my old car never lower than 13v. in my jetta the stock alt is...
  5. FS: Kinetik HC2400 dry cell battery from HELL

    Car Audio Classifieds
    Hello there! I forgot I had this to sell also. It weighs in at a less-than-ideal 69lbs or so, but it feels more like 147. don't worry, it comes with carrying hooks, but i wouldn't trust them if i were holding it up over, say, my already infected big toe :o i'll sell for $200 PLUS shipping...
  6. Deep cycle, dual battery ???'s

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I am going to be installing a new 140amp alternator in the suburban.... it currently has one battery, but is setup for two with some kind of isolator.... looks like a big heatsink. anyway, here are the questions 1. any problems using a deep cycle battery in a car...... I used one years ago and...