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  1. Focal K2P 2 way crossovers

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    Product Brand & Model: 2 Way Passive Crossovers for Focal ES 165k2 component set Condition of all items: Like new, only used for 3 months before deciding to run active. Total Price: : $200 Shipping Terms: : On Me, Lower 48 Pictures: - Unless you are a Upgraded member, or your last 10...
  2. Bi-Ampling Hertz HSK 130 - Enough Power?

    System Design: Help Me Choose Equipment For My Car
    Hi There I'm currently bi-ampling a 2 way Hertz HSK 130 in 5L doorpods using a Hertz HCP4 ( 4 x 65 w) fully active I'm not satisfied with the mid bass response. I think could be lack of power. Is 65 W Enough for the woofer? Should I bridge and send 200w x 2 backing to passive? I'm...
  3. FS: Alpine SPX-17PRO 6.75" SQ Component Set! BNIB SQ Classic!

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    Product Brand & Model: Alpine SPX-17PRO 6.5" SQ Bi-Amp-able Component Set. Details @ SonicElectronix Condition of all items: BNIB with all Mounting Hardware/Speaker Adapter Rings, Grills, Tweeter Flush & Surface Mount Hardware, Bi-Amp-able X/O's with Phase Modules, etc. For those...
  4. Boston Acoustics Z6 Crossovers

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    Product Brand & Model: Boston Acoustics Z6 Crossovers. Condition of all items: 8/10 Fully functional and sounding great. Bi-ampable passive crossovers. From a powerful 6.5" component set Total Price: : 150$ Shipped Shipping Terms: : Included in price Pictures: - Unless you are...
  5. Illusion Audio Carbon

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    Sorry guys... just the passive crossovers. ;) Product Brand & Model: Illusion Audio C4 Crossovers (Identical to C5 and C6, except for the "C-4" sticker) Condition of all items: Brand new, no box. Total Price: : $40 Shipping Terms: : Actual USPS Flat Rate Shipping. (Will confirm box...
  6. Boston Acoustics 6.43 or 6.53 bi-amp question

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Does anyone here know from experience with these sets which drivers are grouped in a bi-amped setup? It makes sense that the tweeter and 4" would be grouped, and that the 6.5 would be isolated to the 2nd amp. However, when I spoke to a gentleman at BA, he said that the tweeter was isolated and...

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Alright so i am putting together another sound system for my car that i just recently bought and I need input on what you guys think I should do. Right now I have dynaudio 240 mk2's for the front and i have some Type R components for the rear. I have a 10" Type X and no box yet but im probably...
  8. Please add one more opition //soundstream 405

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Need your opinion....Old soundstream reference 405 Bi-amp or bridge Hello all, opinion I have a lot of respect for the car stereo knowledge that most of you have and look forward to your thoughts. I've tried doing some research and searching but I'm having trouble finding any info concerning...
  9. 35ft KnuKonceptz Bi-amp cable (12g)

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    This stuff is the real deal. I got 35ft to wire my 2-way setup and wound up not needing bi-amp. This is dual 12 gauge, twisted for serious amplification. Take a look here. Knukonceptz product detail for KARMA SS 12 GAUGE BI-WIRE SPEAKER WIRE Paid $50+ shipping. Would like to get $40 shipped...