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  1. Car Audio Classifieds
    I need a single Tru Billet b-41s to complete my system. $50 finder’s fee to the person who finds me the one I end up buying. Must be in excellent condition. Cash in hand and need yesterday!
    $999 USD
  2. Car Audio Classifieds
    Looking for a b-41 S or an A in mint condition. Have cash or a few pieces to trade (JL, Sundown, Helix). PM with what you have so the flippers don’t beat me to it 😎 Also looking for a modest Helix mono sub amp
    $1 USD
  3. Car Audio Classifieds
    Bought these and decided to go with Tru Tech instead. Both have been bench tested and work as expected. Please check my feedback on Ebay under “coolcobramatt” (+695) Shipping and Paypal extra. Looking for a newer Billet series 4 channel or a brass tag Tungsten series.
    $900 USD
  4. eBay
  5. eBay
    Two Tru Technology Billet Amps: B-2110 B-475
  6. Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: TRU TECHNOLOGY BILLET 4100-S w/ Level IV Upgrade Kit Condition of all items: Used, about a year and 1/2 old... bought and used simply for my own personal listening... i have a esoteric home theater and stereo store, and i have a Dynaudio Esotar2 system in my car...
  7. eBay
    Unused and never installed. $500 reserve. Tru Technology Billet B-4100S Tru Technology Billet B-2200S
  8. Car Audio Classifieds
    1. Tru Technology Billet B475 Stage IV, S Card, High Voltage Upgrade, Analog Devices AD797 on all channels. 2. Tru Technology Billet 2110 Stage IV, S Card, High Voltage Upgrade, Burr-Brown OPA2604 3. Tru Technology Billet 2110 S Card, Power Cap Upgrade, Burr-Brown OPA2604 Condition of all...
  9. Equipment Repair and Modification
    Hello! My friend did a system in which there are Esotar 650 + Esotar 110 and Tru Billet 475. It was necessary to divide the frequency, but only a crossover divides 50-500, a small modification and now divides 500-5000
  10. Car Audio Classifieds
    First up is the B-2110, I got it out of a trade with another forum member. I was going to use it and the B-475 in the install I'm currently working on, I decided to go with a Zuki eleets 6 channel instead for my 3 way setup. Besides, these amps retail for more then my car is currently worth...
  11. Car Audio Classifieds
    Product Brand & Model: TRU Steel Series S45 and S500 Condition of all items: Used. Total Price: : S45: $375 shipped or OBO S500: $350 shipped or OBO Shipping Terms: : UPS/FedEx ground to CONUS Reason for Selling: Don't need it anymore as I returned my car from lease and took these...
1-11 of 11 Results