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  1. FS: Audison bit One w/DRC (Atlanta, GA) - Authorized, No Missing Parts/Wiring

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    Product Brand & Model: Audison bit One 8-Channel DSP with DRC Condition of All Items: Used for around 8-months in an SQ build. Works perfectly. All wiring that it came with is included. Manual and software CD are included (although you should get updated software from Audison's website)...
  2. Rear ambiance without modded RCAs

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    I'm still in the process of planning my install. I will be keeping the stock head unit in my 2015 F-150 and will be using an Audison Bit One to take the high-level outputs from the stock Sony amp/DSP prior to sending a somewhat clean signal to my JL Audio HD900/5. I really want to achieve an...
  3. FS: BNIB BitOne

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    System plans changed, so I am selling this brand new, never used BitOne. It was purchased from a local Audison dealer. Only the DRC was installed in my car, but was never powered on or used. Because it was installed for ~4 months, it has very light surface scratching simply from being touched...
  4. Active tuning suggestions for off-plane drivers

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Re: active tuning my components Trying to tune in a problem vehicle w/ a lot of things working against me... The factory mid/tweeter locations in my 2013 Jeep Wrangler put the tweeters up on the dash cross-firing into the cabin and the mid's below the dash where your knee would rest and behind...
  5. FS (THIS HURTS) SS HRU.4's, Massive N3, Hertz, BItone, ID10, and more

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    Product Brand & Model: 1.Soundstream Human Reign HRU.4 2.Soundstream Human Reign HRU.4 3.Massive N3 4.Hertz HSK 165 (bought from Cnitty on DIYMA) w/ 5.25 HV130's to make 3 way (sold) 5.Audison Bitone (SOLD) 6.Image Dynamics ID10d4v3 7.Pioneer AVH-8400bh w/ Axxess ASWC, Axxess GMOS-4, and...
  6. Audison, Alpine, Image Dynamics priced to sell

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    Product Brand & Model: -Audison Bitone.1 processor with all hardware, installation disks, and cabling -Alpine PDX 4.150 amplifier -Alpine PDX 4.100 amplifier -Image Dynamics IDQ12V3 D4 subwoofer Condition of all items: I have sold the Jeep this system was installed in and bought a new...
  7. BitOne - Going active 5-way

    Technical & Advanced Car Audio Discussion
    Hi, Is there any way to make an active system with BitOne which would allow me to go 5-way? There are 8 outputs so it looks like this : 1,2 - Front Woofers 3,4 - Front Tweets 5 - Subwoofer 6,7 - Front Middleranges 8 - Rear mono? I just want to have 3-way front but I also want to have rear...
  8. WTB: Audison Bitone.1 or Bit ten D

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    Product Brand & Model: Looking for Audison Bit ten D or Bitone.1. BNIB preferred but willing to consider mint condition. Total Price: : depends on condition ** DO NOT DELETE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE OR THREAD WILL BE DELETED **...
  9. HUGE SALE!! McINTOSH, MOREL, DYN, AUDISON! 56K grab lunch

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    I am getting out of car audio for good. Well maybe not for good, but at least for a while. I am trying to simply my life and starting and active 2-way setup is not exactly helping.. All items, with the exception of the McIntosh amp, were purchased on DIYMA. The Bit One, MT23’s, and MW160’s were...
  10. Setup BitOne without a cd player.

    General Car Audio Discussion
    I've tried searching for this, but didn't come across any discussions on the subject. From my understanding the BitOne uses a CD to perform its tuning. What happens when you have a headunit, such as my Kenwood KIV-BT901, that lacks a CD player?
  11. FS: Audison Bitone.1/DRC and extra bad-pixel screen DRC

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    Making the move to the alpine setup simply due to convenience. That said, it's time to parse out older gear. Bitone.1: I have a used Audison Bitone.1 with box, manual, accessories, and DRC. It is up to date with the version 1.5 firmware and software for both the dsp and DRC. Condition: The...
  12. 1998 volvo v70 turbo/ simple install

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    As stated in the title, the customer wanted a reasonably priced 3 way + sub installation. The requirements were not to cut any metal and the door trims had to remain stock looking. Fiberglass piller-pods were requested. And the trunk work had to display the amps, processor and subwoofers...but...
  13. FS: *bnib* JBL MS-8

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    I have one brand new JBL MS-8 for sale. Never been touched. Purchased from an authorized dealer. $650 + $10 shipping to the continental US. I will accept Postal Money orders or cashier's check. *Not dealing with Paypal scams, fees, and waiting games anymore.
  14. Someone help me figure this out... Bitone 3 way active...

    General Car Audio Discussion
    Ok. It's 1am here so bare with me if this is a little incoherent. Krx3. Bitone. 7200mkII hu. When taking measurements in distance from speaker to head... I understand that you start at the center of the speaker... But where on your head do you measure with all 6 speakers? Running subs in...
  15. BNIB Audison BitOne.1

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    BNIB Audison BitOne.1 $650 shipped and insured via UPS ground. J.